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Akira Studio Web Design & Graphic Design Portfolio

move to ingersoll new

Client:    consortium of local homebuilders
Project:    website to promote new homes in Ingersoll

Move to Ingersoll was a flagship website for both Akira Studio and the town of Ingersoll when first launched back in 2013. The website combined detailed information on great reasons to move to Ingersoll Ontario, alongside details of four quality homebuilders with development in the town: McKenzie Homes, Sifton Properties, Doug Tarry Homes, and Gatto Homes.

The website proved very popular with homebuyers looking to see how living in Ingersoll would give them a better lifestyle. Key to this was the "Five minutes to everywhere" approach, which highlighted just how much was available in Ingersoll for families, from coffee shops to libraries.

To help visitors visualise this, the website includes a WalkScore map, which rates Ingersoll as "Very walkable" with a score of 82/100. Akira Studio also created the "Commuter Advantage" diagram to illustrate commuting times to London, Kitchener, Hamilton and other key locations.

Designed in the full-screen style for maximum impact, the website was originally built to be mobile-friendly. However, Google and other search engines subsequently changed their ranking criteria so that website needed to also be responsive (i.e. adapt to mobile devices).

The consortium therefore also decided to give the website a revamp and refresh at the same time as making it fully responsive. The result is a clear, clean site that looks great and works well for both the homebuilding companies and new home buyers alike.

Project Features:

  • Website refresh in design
  • Reformatted to be fully responsive
  • Uninterrupted online presence during redesign process
  • Seamless swap of old website for new
  • All partner businesses have CMS access to site