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Explore our client Case Studies from Canada and the UK, and you'll soon see why Akira is the 'go-to' choice whichever side of the Atlantic you're on!

Below is a small selection of our recent projects:

Akira Studio Web Design & Graphic Design Portfolio

CALM mobile website photo

Client: Canadian Academy of Lifestyle Medicine
Project: New branding and website

The founders of the Canadian Academy of Lifestyle Medicine came to Akira Studio through a personal recommendation, after their first website designers let them down. Akira Studio were tasked with creating a new brand identity for the organization, and also design and build the website.

CALM required this work done 'asap' as they were due to to attend major conferences in the USA and Canada to spread their lifestyle medicine message to practitioners and healthcare professionals from around the world.

Akira Studio immediately sprung into action, meeting with the founders to work out exactly what content was required on the website, and to come up with a sitemap all could work from. A shared DropBox folder was established so all parties could access information in real time, as various information and images would be contributed by several CALM members and directors.

In London Ontario, Akira Studio Canada worked on the brand image and website design, devising a logo that illustrates how the Academy will bring together many Canadian healthcare professionals to work towards a common goal.

At the same time, Akira Studio UK were working on the SEO keyword research, particularly important with such a wide subject area to cover. This research was then integrated into new page content, drawing on information provided by CALM.

And at the same time as well, somewhere on the US highway system, the two founders of CALM were working on the various webtext drafts and information en route to various pre-conference meetings! By automatically synchronizing the latest drafts of documents, the DropBox folder allowed them to work on the move on their laptop (when not driving!) and resynchronize at the next stopping point with Wifi. So everyone involved was always working to the latest version of all media, including images and videos.

Created in time for the conferences, the website was an immediate hit with conference delegates, who could see CALM's latest social media posts live on the website.

The result, we think, is one of our best websites to date; clear, concise, attractive and, yes, very CALM!

Project Features:

  • New brand image & logo
  • Full screen fully responsive website
  • Engaging, informative Home page with text, social media feeds and streaming video
  • Rapid turnaround time
  • International collaborative working in real time, using DropBox
  • Downloadable resources such as the CALM Pledge form
  • Newsletter sign-up on every page
  • Full client access via online CMS for ongoing content addition and updates