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Client: Dr Jeff Feinman
Project: re-imagining of existing website

Dr Jeff Feinman is a holistic vet, and also one of our favourite long-standing clients here at Akira Studio.

Jeff is constantly exploring ways to promote holistic treatment for our pets, combining a science-based yet nurturing approach to animal healing and wellness. His original website had evolved from humble beginnings into a valuable resource of articles, forum discussions and advice on holistic methods and the role of homeopathy for both pet owners and their vets.

All change for a new look

Jeff asked Akira Studio to take his veterinary website on to the next step by giving it a fresh, modern design overhaul, and to make it fully mobile compatible. We gave it a contemporary look in theme colours of vibrant blue and subtle grey, with accents in a gentle, natural moss green.

The drop down menus were revamped to give a more direct route to information, including access to the very popular online holistic vet treatment forum and to Jeff's homeopathic medicine for vets e-commerce store.

Forum preservation

The challenge with the forum was to ensure the structure stayed familiar (and the data intact) whilst integrating it into the new design. Every single post was transferred to the new system, preserving this extremely valuable online resource in its entirety.

E-store integration

The integration of the e-store was designed so that you can't ‘see the joins'. Click on the 'Homevet store' menu option, and you're taken straight to a page products that you can filter according to your requirements. Unique to this store is that any customer questions regarding products and treatments will be answered by Dr Jeff himself, via direct email.

Meet Dr Jeff!

There is also an online appointment booking service, where owners can book to see Dr Jeff in person at his practice in Connecticut, USA.

Project features:

  • Fresh, contemporary design
  • Extensive existing forum import and integration
  • E-commerce store importation and integration
  • Latest stage of this evolving website
  • All websites designed, built and hosted by Akira Studio for several years