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Below is a small selection of our recent projects:

Akira Studio Web Design & Graphic Design Portfolio

AP Tools Ltd

Client: AP Tools
Project: e-commerce website

AP Tools UK supply the aerospace, manufacturing, engineering and automotive industries with specialist tools for riveting, countersinking and other applications.

New website design opportunity

The company wanted to upgrade their website with an e-commerce store to sell their new, reconditioned and custom made tools online, 24/7/365. This gave Akira Studio the opportunity to refresh the site with a clean, light design that put the colourful tools centre stage.

E-commerce menus

Visitors simply choose the type of tool they want from the main menu, then the brand from the drop-down list. They can either go to this page to see the entire range, or mouse over a sub menu to go direct to the exact product they want. A subtle 'breadcrumb' feature below the main menu helps buyers keep track of where they are in the navigation, such as:
You are here: Home > Cordless & Electric Tools > Facom Cordless Battery Tools > Facom Cordless Impact Wrench / Gun

Images before text

AP Tools recognised the need to have keyword-rich text on all of their pages, but like many clients, were reticent to have it above the product images. So, Akira Studio added their keyword-rich text under the product shortcut images. This way, buyers who know what they want can click direct to the tools, whilst search engines can index and list each product Category page text, not just the home page.

Services menu

A second, smaller top menu features the services offered by AP Tools, including tool repair and serving, and hand arm vibration testing both on and off site. Putting this services menu above the main e-commerce makes sure the customer sees the main menu first, as often there is a tool for sale that will meet their need. If they need something specific or special, they will take time to find and read the second menu.

Project features:

  • New e-commerce store
  • Comprehensive drop down menu system
  • Breadcrumb feature for clearer navigation
  • Twitter feed integration in footer

AP Tools are one of a number of industrial and engineering clients we have created e-commerce stores for. See also:

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