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Below is a small selection of our recent projects:

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Gotta Guy

Client:   Gotta Guy
Project:   New Website

It's not just big corporations, townships or manufacturers that need websites; small traders do too! That's why we at Akira Studio are always glad to work with local business owners like Rob Larder.

Rob is Gotta Guy, a one-man home maintenance, cleaning, delivery and landscape care service. Like many small businesses, Rob's client base has grown through word of mouth, and therefore was small and local. Rob needed to advertise to a wider area, and a website gave him the opportunity to sell his business more effectively online.

Key elements of the project included:

  • Development of a brand logo and style, for online and offline branding continuity
  • New website sitemap development
  • Highlighting of niche services
  • Keyword research into common search terms

Creating the Gotta Guy brand

Gotta Guy is an independent business, not part of a franchise. So, Akira Studio created all aspects of the brand's look, including a new logo and colour palette. We designed the stationery, business cards and vehicle decals, for consistent branding both online and offline.

Website sitemap development

Like many small businesses, Gotta Guy came to Akira with the brief "We need a website!" The Akira team, including copywriter Kirsty, worked with Rob to create a sitemap that made finding details of Rob's services quick and easy, whether on a desktop PC or mobile device. We worked through several versions of the sitemap in order to get it just right before a single page was written or the website coded. This approach ensures that everyone is working from the same sitemap, whether writing, creating pages or coding.

Niche services from Gotta Guy

Rob had several niche services, including his innovative store to home delivery service. This is for people who want to buy big goods in local stores, but don’t have a big enough vehicle to take them home. Akira Studio designed a website that highlighted all Rob's services and gave big, clear links to further information both in text and icon form. These links were reinforced by a rolling slideshow header of Rob’s main services on the home page.

Keyword research

With such a diversity of services, keyword research was required. Keyword research reveals the phrases prospective customers actually type into search engines, not what we or the client think they are typing! The research results revealed some very interesting keyword variants which, when used in text, would significantly increase the likelihood of Gotta Guy being listed in local search results.

Project features:

  • New logo and branding guidelines
  • New website from scratch
  • Keyword research
  • Web text copywriting
  • Sourcing of website images from stock libraries
  • Holding page with summary of service while main site under construction
  • Associated branded materials including business cards and vehicle decals