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Client:  MDS Shows
Project:  Paws in the Park website overhaul

Paws in the Park are the UK's favorite fun dog shows, with over 35,000 people attending two different shows to an activity-filled day with their furry friends.

With two shows in 2015 and three shows planned for 2016, the organisers MDS Shows needed their original Akira Studio website expanded and enhanced to appeal to an ever-growing number of visitors. Over time, the existing website's front page has become cluttered and out of step with the trend for rolling headers and large images. Equally, over time, the text had been written and adapted by multiple authors and had no distinct voice or focus.

The approach to the upgrade covered three main areas:

1. A bright, bold redesign with lots of large images, which needed to outshine the increasing level of competition in the fun dog show market.
2. Rewriting, reformatting and editing of event description text using keywords, with a more 'selling', you-focused approach.
3. Simplifying ticket sales using an external provider through a fully branded Paws in the Park interface.

New dog-friendly design

Akira Studio were delighted to work with Paws in the Park to create a fun, attractive design that reflected the informal and entertaining nature of their dog events. Drawing on an extensive library of photos taken during Paws in the Park events, we ensured every page was visually appealing.

Engaging copy that sells

Keyword research was undertaken by our resident SEO guru Kirsty to uncover a range of keywords used by visitors in searches but which didn't feature on competitors' sites. These were woven into upbeat, engaging copy for the key pages that encouraged readers to come and enjoy a day out like no other!

Kirsty also worked with the client to draw up a standard rubric for event pages that enabled the client to write their own text, including details of the 'have a go' activities, from duck herding to doggy dock diving! This text was given a final edit before being put live on the site with past event photos.

Since the new site went live, thousands of dog lovers have booked through the site both on desktop computers and mobile devices, thanks to the responsive design technology integrated into the new design.

Akira Studio also ensured high visibility for Paws in the Park's exceptional social media activity on the website. The event has almost 3,7000 followers on Facebook who enjoy a regular stream of posts about doggy matter,. humour and new attraction information throughout the year.

Project features:

  • Complete redesign in bright, eye-catching style
  • On-trend full screen design
  • Responsive design for easy viewing on mobile devices
  • SEO keyword research to identify competitive search terms
  • Complete copy overhaul for consistency of tone and message
  • Branding of ticket portal
  • Ongoing hosting