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Life after COVID: Your business, your website and the ‘new normal’


covid worldThere won’t be a business in the world that won’t have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

For some, it’s been a rapid learning curve in adapting.

For others, the lockdown has exposed deep cracks in their business practices, leaving them vulnerable to both current and future disruptions.

That’s why forward planning is crucial, and that includes taking steps now to secure and maximise your business’s online capabilities as we move into the ‘new normal’.

Our new series of articles look at what your business can do now to make sure your online presence is robust, flexible and most of all, adaptable.

This won’t be the first upheaval your business will need to weather, so time spent on reviewing and securing your online ‘estate’ is time very well spent.


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Picture perfect: why your website deserves optimized photos


You’ve got a website,

You’ve had it for a few years. It works just fine.

You last updated it, er, about a year ago, maybe more?

Photos are a bit old but…

Stop right there!

Your website is often the first encounter potential clients have with your business and your brand.

• What do the photos on your website tell them about your business?

• Are they on trend or showing their age?

• Are they optimized for speed?

It’s time to show your images some love with our five top tips for image optimization.


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