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2015: the year of the mobile device

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We've seen this coming for quite a while but the latest figures on mobile device use in Canada surprised even us. According to measurement firm comScore quoted on CBC News*, almost half the time spent on the Internet in Canada is through mobile phones and tablets, not desktop computers.

Nearly 28 million Canadian have access to the internet, and they spend a mind-boggling 36 hours a month browsing the web on mobile devices alone. That's the equivalent to a whole working week - per month! And for the 25-34 age group, that rises to 55 hours.

It seems us Canadians like nothing better than to come home after working on a desktop PC, snuggle down on the lounge with the cat, and spend our evenings browsing the web via our sleek and shiny handheld tech. No wonder the peak hours for Internet mobile device use in Canada are 5 p.m. to midnight.

So, how can your business make the most of this mobile revolution? Here are three simple steps that could transform how our business is seen online:

1. Make sure your website is mobile friendly.

If your website is built using responsive design, it'll look great on any mobile device. If not, customers won't be able to see your website information, and will probably click on elsewhere. (Akira can help with responsive web design - give us a call.)

2. Post your social media posts when your audience is active.

If you're targeting an age group that is at work or at school, post in the evenings. However, if your target demographics are at home during the day, you might be better posting earlier when there's less going on (and more change of your post being seen.)

3. Learn to love your tech

If you're new to all this mobile stuff, take time to understand what your own mobile tech does. Use it to interact with your current customers and clients via social media. Chances are, if they like using it, so will a whole load of prospective customers too. We're great fans of buying a good old-fashioned book and reading what this tech can do, as it leaves your hands free to play with the phone as you read! Now, what does this app do…..

For more information on mobile friendly websites, or custom-made app for your business, give us a call. We're always 'appy to talk tech!


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