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5 ways to make your business cards stand out

hand holding business cardThe humble business card. They've been around for centuries, have survived the technical revolution, and are still an essential part of defining our business identity.

You've probably got a boxful sitting on your desk right now - and a drawerful of ones you've collected from meetings, networking events, etc.

They are probably the pick of the crop too; otherwise they would probably be in the trash long ago.

So how can you ensure your business card is a keeper?



The business card touch test

If you do have a stack of cards, try this.

  • Insert your card into the pack, shuffle them all around and close your eyes.
  • Now, by feel alone, select the ones that stand out.
  • How did they feel different?

In the competitive world of business, any feature that gives your business card that extra 'feel good' factor will hopefully ensure it stays with the recipient longer too.

1. Good Design

Above all, a business card must have good design that is visually appealing and convey the information you want to give clearly. Use your logo and choose a clear font that's legible at small point sizes and in low lighting - not all networking meetings are that well lit! At Akira, we've years of experience in creating well designed business cards that really do the job, so do call us for advice.

2. Spotlight Your Business

Spot varnish is a great way to make your logo shine! During printing, a thin layer of shiny varnish is applied to specific areas, usually your logo, but you can apply it to other features too such as social media icon, or even part of an image.

3. Raise up your message

Embossing is one of the oldest forms of making tactile cards, originally made by stamping out the card to produce lettering raised above the surface level. Modern digitally printed business cards usually reverse this, so that the embossed, tactile pattern is on the card and the message printed on a flat space in between the embossing. The card used is much thicker than normal too, so these cards feel great and look incredibly stylish.

4. Smooth as silk

Business cards can have a variety of finishes laid over the paper, smooth matt for modern designs, high gloss for photographic cards, etc. Just be aware that if you want people to write on your business card, some surfaces are more suitable than others.

5. Techno-cards

Make your business card do more with NFC technology. Each business card has an embedded chip that can be programmed to perform specific Actions. Just tap the card against a NFC device andthe chip can: 

  • transfer your contact details
  • add a website link
  • promote your app
  • add all your social media connections,
  • link up on LinkedIn
  • share directions to your office or store

What's more, you can change the Actions each card performs remotely, so the next time your contact taps the card against their phone, it does something totally different! Needless to say, these kind of smart business cards are not cheap, but they are very cool and would certainly be a real talking point.

For more details or to discuss upgrading your business cards , give Akira a call and we'll help you make more of an impression!

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