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Big web stats – and why we don’t need to panic

world statsWebWe all know that the web is a big place, but sometimes it's easy to forget just how big it is. Which is why when we saw an infographic with these stats, we had to sit down for a while.

In every minute of every day:

• Facebook users share almost 2.5 million items of content

• People tweet 277,000 times

• Over 4 million searches are made on Google

• YouTube uploads 72 hours of new video

• 204 million emails are sent.

That's every MINUTE. So, how on earth can we make an impact with our tweet or Facebook post or new blog?



Useful, relevant and sharable

The answer to making an impact with any social media posting is, by targeting our content to make it useful, relevant and sharable. That means understanding what your customers need and giving it to them in a format that they can easily share with friends, colleagues and their social media circles.

One of those formats is the infographic. It's visually appealing, easy to understand, and one click shares it on as many social media sites as you like. It's the business equivalent of a cute cat pic. And it works a treat.

Sharing infographics

We found the infographic (on the left ) because lots of people had shared it. It had travelled a fair way from the original blog by the time we got to see it, and to be honest, we'd forgotten where we first saw it.

So, we typed in the infographic title "Web in a minute infographic" into Google and found it has originated with analytics software provider Domo (www.domo.com).

Spot the difference

However, the infographic we found at Domo looked a little different from the first version, as you can see:

web in minute compareW




Originally, the top and bottom of the original infographic were branded with Domo's name. Along the trail from its original home at Domo.com to where we found it, someone had cropped the top and bottom off, thus removing all trace of branding. Naughty, but not uncommon.

So, unless we had searched to find that infographic, we'd never have known which company had taken the time and trouble to create it. Which means as a marketing tool, it was no longer benefitting Domo.

Today's lesson is...

So here's the lesson for today; if you're going to create shareable stuff, make sure everyone knows where it originally came from. Brand everything. Make it difficult for people to 'acquire' without a mention of your business.

  • Put your company logo as a watermark on your videos.
  • Make sure any white papers or PDFs you produce and include the logo where it's awkward to remove.
  • Put your website address in the main section of any infographic (DOMO, take note…)

It's not difficult to do but it will ensure the trail leads back to your website and your company, and you get the maximum benefit from your hard work. If you’d like some help, just call or email us.

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