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If you have a service business, you may think that an e-commerce solution is only suitable for those with physical products to sell. However, giving your customers the opportunity to buy your services online will open up your business to 24/7/365 trading. And that's essential in today's 'anytime' culture.

You’ve probably noticed a sea-change in your ability to book services online yourself, from haircuts and concert tickets to appointments with your physician (no more “Hanging on the telephone”, as Blondie would say).

So, what’s stopping your business doing the same? Not a lot, actually, as Akira Studio can set you up with a simple, effective ecommerce system which can usually simply be added to your existing website. Here’s a couple we prepared earlier….


E-commerce for training courses

Southwest Fire Training came to Akira Studio looking for a new website that included online booking for a wide variety of firefighting and NFPA courses, all of which could be repeated up to several times a year. 

We set them up with a e-commerce solution that allowed each course to become, in effect, a Product (click here for an example). This enabled the Academy to write one single, definitive description for each course and include all the important information students would require, from prerequisite qualifications to what to bring on the course.

  • When a potential student has read all the information on a course, they click on the “Take this course now” button to be taken through to a list of all the available dates and locations.
  • Once they’ve chosen their ideal date, they can purchase as many places as they wish for themselves and their colleagues on that course, particularly useful for career firefighters or those organising brigade training.
  • Best of all, they can add other training courses to their cart, and pay for them altogether.

It’s a win-win; the student has confirmed training places on courses for their requirements, and the Academy has confirmed bookings and payment up front.

Ecommerce SOLUTIONS for your business

The same principle can be applied to almost any service you might sell that has a fixed description. You can also add variants really easily, so customers can choose the exact service they require.

So, you might offer a car washing service for a family saloon at one price, an SUV or pickup truck at another price, and your motorhome/RV/celebrity film trailer washing service at a higher price AND over a longer timeframe. The system books them in and takes their payment upfront, so you know who is booked in for when, and what size of vehicle they are bringing.

Yours, all yours!

Once you’ve got your e-commerce solution from Akira Studio, you can add new services and variants at any time, include exciting images of your services, increase prices, add special offers and even offer discount codes. Payment are made via state of the art secure encryption and you have complete control over all aspects of selling online. You’ve also got the support and help of the Akira team should you need it.

Call us for more details

If you’d like to make appointments, take bookings, and sell a few items online as well, call us here at Akira Studio. We’ll be happy to talk you through all things e-commerce!

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