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Is Your Business LinkedIn?

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Is your business on LinkedIn?

If not, you're locked out of the largest professional social network in the world, with over 300 million members and a host of ways to get your business in front of them.

LinkedIn is not just for people looking for jobs, it's a superb way of promoting your business to a diverse range of people, and it's especially useful for small businesses.

Check out our five top reasons to use LinkedIn for your business, and how you can make it happen, for free.



Five reasons to use LinkedIn

  1. Credibility
    As a business owner, you know how important it is to be credible to customers. A LinkedIn profile for your business shows that you value how your business is presented. For many business leaders, LinkedIn is their default method to verify your business, rather than your website.

  2. The personal touch
    If you're attending networking meetings or promoting your business at events, people you meet on the day will go away and look you up on LinkedIn. It's important that your profile links to your company page, so they get a good overall impression of you and your business on one site.

  3. Be found in more search engine results
    LinkedIn profiles show up in search engine result pages, not just for people's names but for keywords too. Since you can easily link to your company website from LinkedIn, it's a great way to drive traffic to your website.

  4. Get connected and generate leads
    By building a network of Connections in LinkedIn, you're reaching out to prospective customers, suppliers and influencers. You and your sales team can analyse connections and identify people who might introduce you to people you otherwise just couldn't reach any other way.

  5. Recruit new staff
    Not everyone on LinkedIn is looking for a job, but post your job details and you'll be surprised who might be! Equally, you can actively search profiles to find prospective candidates and direct them to your job post.

Your business on LinkedIn: making it happen

LinkedIn is free to join and relatively easy to set up. Here's how to get started.

Sign up as yourself

You need to join LinkedIn as an individual first. You then fill in your Profile, a series of sections giving your employment details, experience, skills, awards, etc. It's very tempting to just copy and paste your cv here - DON"T! Make each section interesting and keyword rich, so that people searching for "C++ programmer" for example, will find you even if your job title was "IT Deployment Executive". Always add a current Profile picture and smile - you can be in business and still be cheerful!
Example: https://ca.linkedin.com/in/akirastudio (Tony Scott)

Set up your company page

The secret here is to make your company page attractive and informative; remember, people might come direct to this page through search engine results and not via your profile. Fill in every section including the summary, upload your logo and a good cover image that attracts attention, and add that important link back to your website!
Example: https://www.linkedin.com/company/5195199 (Akira Studio Ltd)

Tell Everyone!

Put your LinkedIn details on your business card, on your website, in your email footer, in your business listings, anywhere you can. The aim to to attract new Followers for your Company page and make new contacts through your personal profile.
Example: http://www.verriez.com/ (see links in website footer)

Add Updates

You can add Updates to both your personal Profile and your Company page. Updates on your Profile page go direct to your Foilowers timeline, so don't overdo it. Company updates go to people who follow your company, so keep them relevant and interesting.
Example: https://www.linkedin.com/company/217909 (Verriez Group)

Engage with People

LinkedIn isn't a static listing. The more you are involved, the more effective it will be. 

  • Join in conversations with clients, congratulate people on achievements, or post your own. 
  • Check out who is friends with who (you'll be amazed), or find common ground with customers you'd like to develop a better relationship with. 
  • Join Groups of like-minded people on topics or areas that interest you, and learn from people out there in your marketplace.
  • Endorse and Recommend people and they'll do the same for you, all of which helps establish your own credentials and boost activity on your profile.

Example: https://www.linkedin.com/company/american-airlines

How Akira can help

No time to set up Linked In? No problem! We can:

  • Write a compelling and highly effective Profile that appears in search results too
  • Design your Company page and add just the right mix of graphics and SEO'd text
  • Write post engaging, interesting Updates with images
  • Talk you through other marketing opportunities, such as Pulse articles and Showcase pages

Call us, email us or Connect with us on LinkedIn!

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