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Why pay for web hosting? Free hosting v paid hosting

web hosting orangeIf you have a website, you need to host it somewhere.It's the online equivalent of parking your car.

Say you're going out for the night in the city. You can pay to park your car in a secure, manned pay car park, or you can leave it on an unknown street with no lighting, broken glass on the sidewalk and a decidedly odd smell…

The choice is yours.

When you park your car, you make a decision about its security based on what you see and hear (and smell). It's more tricky to make that decision with web hosting, so here's Akira's helpful guide to the benefits of paid hosting and the potential perils of free hosting deals.



What is webhosting?

Let's start with the basics. Most websites are hosted on a remote server, (i.e. not your own computer), so that they can be found 24/7/365 by anyone searching the web. You can access the 'back end' of your website via a web browser with a log in and password.

What is a webhosting company?

If you don't host your own website, you need to find someone who will. Many companies offer web hosting on servers they either own (very big companies) or rent part of (most other companies). Most webhosting companies charge a fee for hosting, but some don't - why is this?

Free hosting and paid hosting

If you take a look at free web hosting deals they usually have one thing in common; you have to build your website using the host's online web designer software. This may seem a good option if you're looking for a basic website, but it's the online equivalent of having your parked car clamped. Your website only works on that company's server, you're very restricted as to design options, and if you want to upgrade to add extra features, it is going to always cost you money.

Should your web designer host your website?

If you employ a web designer to build your website, you have much more freedom of choice in its design than on a free website builder. You can have whatever features you want, including e-commerce, mobile compatibility, and snazzy design features like full width slideshows.

All good web designers should offer you the option of hosting your website for you, and it's not just because it's easier (or more profitable) for them. If they have built your website, they know the type of hosting it requires to work at its optimum, and have researched either in-house or data centre hosting options.

What makes a good webhosting solution?

Webhosting needs to be reliable, accessible and secure, so your website is always visible and your data is safe. All data should be backed up and technical support available, as you'd expect, but there are a couple of other criteria you may not have considered.

Ideally, your data should be stored in your own country, so your data is subject to strong protection laws, and search engines don't think you're based halfway across the world!

Equally, the webhosting company should be careful what websites they host, so that your website doesn't end up with 'dodgy neighbours' that might bring your own site into disrepute.

And of you're using an e-commerce website to sell online, it's even more important that all your data is secure and safe from prying eyes.

Benefits of webhosting by Akira Studio

It can be a real minefield finding the right hosting for your new website, which is why at Akira we have invested in high spec remote server hosting for our clients. As a result, nearly all of the websites we build are hosted by Akira Studio.

Our webhosting ticks all the boxes you need for your business website:

  • Ultra-secure server space in dedicated data centres in Canada, the UK and the US
  • Direct technical support by Akira - no call centres, no jargon!
  • Daily automated backups
  • Top level domain name hosting
  • Integrated email with as many addresses as you require
  • 99.97% uptime, so your website is visible almost every second of the year
  • Competitively priced for this level of business website hosting
  • Worry-free hosting from the people who know and love your website!

Check out our Web Hosting page for more details, or give us a call to discuss your hosting requirements.

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