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Christmas cheer: decorate your website and social media for Christmas

inflatable-santa-motorcycleHave you started to decorate your home for Christmas yet? Is the Christmas tree up in your office or store, the inflatable Santa on the front lawn, the wreath on the door?

But what about your website - is that decorated for Christmas too? And what about your company Facebook page?

It's easy to forget that your website needs a little Christmas cheer too, so treat it to the online equivalent of some tinsel, baubles and a few lights. Some subtle touches here and there will let your customers know that you are looking forward to the holidays too, and gives your business a more human face.

Just as you don't move walls in your home to decorate for Christmas, we're not suggesting you need to change the actual design of your website just for one month a year. Instead, add a few festive touches that are quick and easy to add, and just as easy to remove afterwards.

Christmas Photos

Seasonal photos are the quickest and easiest way to evoke the holiday mood.

Why not take new staff profile photos with you all in Santa hats or reindeer antlers - or Photoshop them in place

Take new photos of your business in the snow, or decked in Christmas lights.

Festive Text

Making regular, small text changes on your website is actually a very good thing, SEO wise, so:
Update your home page text with any special Christmas offers, or to create a seasonal market for your services. So, a cleaning company could offer a ‘Pre in-laws coming for Christmas clean', or a heating engineer offer a " Christmas countdown boiler service”, etc.

Holiday Blogs

This is your main way to engage with new customers over the Christmas season.
Create blog posts that are timely and relevant, even if they don't directly tie in with your services or products. So, a lighting manufacturer might blog about Christmas lights safety tips, or a foot clinic about walking safely on icy sidewalks while carrying presents!

Social media

Social media is the perfect platform for gently building your customer base at this time of year.

Festive Facebook

Update your cover photo on your FB Company page with a Christmas image and message. If you're really keen, you can change this every week, and do one for New Year too!

Post about any holiday closing times or last order dates, and Pin it to the top of your Page.

Post a short video of your company Christmas lights at night, or a timelapse video of your team putting up the Christmas tree.

Post about Christmas events in your town or area, to build a sense of community involvement.

Totally Xmas Twitter

It's actually quite tricky to 'decorate' a Twitter feed without changing the background design, so do it with words and images instead. Yes, you can post images in Twitter!

Create an 'advent calendar' of tweets that post one a day until Christmas Eve. Post about anything you like, from cookie recipes to building snowmen; the idea is to tweet regularly and keep the momentum going.

And after Christmas

Remember to take the ‘decorations’ down. Nothing looks worse than tinsel in February…

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