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Does my small business really need a website?

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It’s a question that you might well ask if you’re the owner of a very small business serving a local market.

According to a new survey*, 59% of small Canadian businesses do not have a website at all, and 41% of small business owners though their business was just too small to make it worthwhile.

Globally, these figures for very small businesses are about the same.The difference is that 55% of these businesses elsewhere in the world plan to build a website, whereas only 33% of Canadian businesses do.



Are Canadian businesses less optImistic?

The survey suggests that Canadian businesses are less optimistic about their future growth than elsewhere. 83% of global businesses aimed to grow their business by 10% over the next five years. In contrast, 54% of Canadian businesses with no website and no goal to create one anticipated either no growth or even shrinking income.

This is both sad and a terrific opportunity for small Canadian businesses who do want to grow their customer base to seize the moment and get ahead of their competitors, simply by having a website! In the survey, 77% of small businesses with a website said it gave them a definite competitive advantage.


In essence, websites are simply another way of marketing your business beyond traditional advertising and print, such as brochures and flyers. A website gives your business a 24/7/365 ‘shop window’, for anyone and everyone searching for your kind of service or products online. 


People don’t just search on their desktop PC during the day anymore. They search online on mobile devices as they are walking down the street to work, waiting to collect the kids from school, or curled up on the sofa while watching TV at night. They want (and expect) to find information and shop wherever and whenever they want. 

Don’t think your business is an exception to this; over 50% of searches made online in Canada come from mobile devices, because it’s REALLY EASY. Customers don’t want to mess around finding telephone directories; they just type in what they want and check out the websites that are listed. 

Here’s the bottom line: if your business hasn’t got a website, you're missing out on new customers finding your business rather than the one down the road, in the next town, at the other end of Ontario, or even outside Canada. No wonder these businesses without websites don’t think their business will grow.

#3: New customers coming online EVERY SECOND

Here’s an amazing stat. In the time it took to write this blog, the number of internet users in Canada had risen by 110, adding to the 33.6million Canadians already online**. Given that nearly 40% of Canadians live in Ontario, if your business doesn’t have a website, that’s nearly 13.5million Ontario residents that won’t be able to look at what your business offers when they go online. 

Small Business websites made easy

OK, we appreciate we know and love websites, but we’ve made it our mission to make it easy for ANY business to have a great website that looks smart, works well and is found in search engine results without costing a fortune. We’ve built websites for Mom and Pop businesses, local shops and services, individual and major corporations alike.

To us, the aim is always the same; to give that business the best online presence possible to suit your needs and business goals. We won’t over-design your site, or include flashy features you simply don’t need. We build attractive websites that work well and look good on all devices, mobile or otherwise, so your business can be out there for new customers to discover. 

Want a website? Call Akira

Here’s what to do next. If your business hasn’t got a website, but you think you want one, call us. Ask us anything you like. Pick our brains on anything from the right size of website for your business to the best way to sell online.

We’re based in London Ontario so we know the area and what works for local businesses. We’ve an international team of experts too, so our designs are right on the money technically and visually.  And we don’t talk gobble-de-geek; we hate that as much as you do!

Call Akira and make 2016 the year your business grows - and speed past your competitors who still find websites too scary to contemplate….


* Research conducted by RedShift Research, commissioned by GoDaddy. Survey of 4,009 very small businesses in Australia, Brazil, Canada, India, Mexico, Turkey, the United Kingdom and the U.S. 

** http://www.internetlivestats.com/internet-users/canada/

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