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Goodbye Facebook Ads, Hello Sponsored Posts?

facebook icon largeIf you're looking for new advertising opportunities, don't dismiss Facebook. Around 17 million Canadians use Facebook, and during 2013 they were the most active users in the world. (Yes, really.)

According to Facebook,

  • 61% of global users check Facebook at least once a day
  • 70% of US users check Facebook at least once a day
  • 74% of Canadian users check Facebook at least once a day

That's a lot of people who might want your product or services!


All change at Facebook

If you are already a Facebook user, you may have noticed there has been a major sea change in advertising at Facebook. Gone are those badly-drawn, annoying ads for fat-reducing techniques that used to border the right hand side of your page.

Enter instead the Sponsored Post, two or three suggested websites that seem to uncannily mirror just what you've been searching for… And then there's the Suggested Post, posts that appear in your News Feed uninvited.

Different Name, Same Principle

In fact, Sponsored Posts are just adverts by a different name, but they present a unique opportunity to promote your business through Facebook - if you have the budget. Ads can link back to your Facebook page, or to your website, depending on what you want to achieve:

  • To get more followers on Facebook, or for a special offer, promote your Facebook page
  • To drive more people to your website, and raise awareness of your website, use the website option

How to make a Facebook ad

Choose an eye-catching image, write some stunning text and then decide exactly whom you want to target with your ad. This is where Facebook really comes into its own, as you can choose who sees the advert not by what they are looking for (like Google Ads) but what they are interested in.

  • You start by choosing a location, which could be as broad as Ontario, as local as Oxford County, or as specific as Woodstock.

  • You then choose your demographics; the age and gender of your target audience. Just be careful of stereotyping: it's not just older ladies who cook or younger men who play soccer.

  • Now comes the fun stuff: what are they interested in? What do they do? Choose their interests and you can sell travel insurance to people who travel a lot, or promote your restaurant to people who tag themselves in local restaurants.

  • You can even exclude your existing Page followers and customers (if you know their email) so you don't bombard them with sales messages they already know.

“Reach 90,000 potential new customers!!!”

Each time you make a choice about who you want to target, your Audience Definition table will show the potential reach of your adverts, i.e. the number of people who would potentially see it. Sounds amazing!

Now the not-so-amazing bit. All ads on Facebook are placed into an ad auction. Depending on the price you're willing to pay (your bid), plus the past performance of your ads, the ad auction system selects the 'best' ads to run. Needless to say, the higher your ad budget, the better your chances.

Your budget will be used to run your ad according to that ad's:

  • Audience size
  • How much you bid
  • Your schedule

It’s not just based on clicks, like a Google Ad. If you are advertising your website, and opt for the PPC (cost per click) option, you’ll pay per click. Otherwise, you’ll pay per impression – i.e. every time you ad is just shown to a potential customer.

This can all start to add up, so how do you know Facebook right for your business? Simple – ask your current customers if they use Facebook. If yes, take a look at Facebook ads. If not, find out why not and they’ll probably tell you which ways they currently get their information on local services or national products. The, target your marketing there instead for a better ROI.

Not got a Facebook page yet?

We believe you really do need one these days. Give us a call and we'll help you with setting up a Facebook business page and keeping it stocked with fresh posts that'll grow your customer base.

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