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How fast is your internet?

golden snailIt’s one of those questions everybody seems to ask when the subject of websites comes up - “How fast is your broadband? Mine’s only….”

Slow business internet connections are not only irritating, they can also affect how you view the internet as a whole. If your internet is slow, then it must be the same for everyone, right?

Not at all. Figures from TestMy.net show that your broadband speed really does depend on where you live. That in itself isn’t surprising, but the locations with the fastest average speed did surprise us…



The fastest broadband connection in Canada is in…

Whitby, Ontario. Yes, Whitby. And yes, we had to remind ourselves where that was too! Whitby is in Durham Region, on the north side of Lake Ontario, and east of Toronto. According to the 10,000 results logged by TestMy.net, the average download speed in Whitby is an impressive 102.9mbps.

The best of the rest

The runners-up of Ontario internet fast zones are:

  • Kleinburg (77.5mbps)
  • Sutton West (63.2mbps)
  • Binbrook (58.2mbps)
  • Delaware (54.7mbps)
  • Mississauga (53.3mbps)

These communities are way outstripping the bigger townships; the average speed in London is a respectable 29.9mbps, Ottowa manages 26.1mbps, while in Toronto it’s a more pedestrian 15.3mbps. Compare this with the national average of just 10.9mbps, and we’re still better off in Ontario than most other provinces, but there is clearly room for improvement all round.

Broadband speeds worldwide

You might need to sit down for the highest internet speeds in the USA - Saratoga has an average speed of 289.5mbps. Dallas PA enjoys 200.2mbps, while New York languishes at just 22.4mbps.

The French are laughing their socks off at this point, as the commune of Autun in Burgundy has an internet speed of 494.7mbps. Yes, this town founded by the Romans and located west of Dijon has an internet speed 16 times greater than London ON.

Gimme, gimme, gimme data!

The fly in the internet speeds ointment is that your internet connection is only as fast as the information can be accessed from the source server. If the website you’re accessing is on a slower system, it simply can’t push out the information fast enough for these connections. In this case, you’ll be waiting the same time as someone with a slower connection.

Wi-fi ain't always fast-fi

If you’re accessing across a wireless connection, those speeds could be reduced again. Wifi routers (the sort that allow both a wired and wireless connection) often are limited in their transfer speeds,. Cheaper ones will not be able to cope with speeds of more than 150mbps, with most mid-range offering 300mbps. So, even if your connection is amazing superfast, your router might not be able to push that data to your wifi device at anything approaching your actual internet speed.

Then you need to factor in the operating mode of the router, and the wireless client. For example, if your phone only supports a 11g connection, it can only receive data at speeds of up to 54mbps.

Confused? Worried? Don’t be. There is an answer!

Good website design makes speeds almost irrelevant

The truth is, with so much diversity of access speeds out there, the best websites will be those that look great in the shortest time the device will allow. This is where good design comes in. A well-designed, well-built modern responsive website recognizes the type of device accessing it, and adjusts accordingly. This ensures your website loads and looks good on mobile devices and screens of all shapes and sizes, on wifi or wired connections, and where internet speeds might struggle to top just 5mbps.

At Akira Studio, we design all our websites to be responsive, so that it can be accessed by as many people as possible, wherever they may be. We also invest in high end website hosting on servers that pump out that data at enterprise level speeds. This ensures our clients’s websites are fast to load, easy to navigate and can incorporate media elements such as sound and video.

If your website is slower than a snail on crutches, or looks terrible on mobile devices, call us. We can build you a faster, more up to date, responsive website with a great modern design, so your business is racing ahead online rather than limping along behind your competitors….


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