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How secure is your data? A cautionary tale…

How secure is your data? A cautionary tale…

Now we're not sure what you talk about at drinks parties, but this New Year our SEO guru ended up discussing data backup. Exciting, no, essential - yes!

Are you RAIDing your data?

Like all the Akira team, SEO guru Kirsty is obsessive about backing up her business data, and keeping it secure. So she has a mirrored RAID system where one disk backs up all her data, and another disk backs up the first disk. So, if one disk fails (as one did on Boxing Day...) she simply took out the offending disk, replaced it with a new one, and the system backed up the failed disk overnight. Job solved.

Cloud backup or cloud cuckoo?

Not quite. It's fine so long as the NAS unit holding the two disks is safe, but what if it was caught in a fire or a flood? Both disks would then be useless. So Kirsty thought about backing up to the cloud. Until her multi-million-pound-company-owning cousin told of a friend who owned a business and whose cloud storage company went into administration. It cost the friend’s business over £40,000 to get their data back from the receivers - nasty.

So, what are the best backup options? Our view is that you should cover as many bases as you can, and can afford, regardless of whether your PC just stores pics of the kids or accounts for your business.

  • First, back up all your data every night - the best backup in the world is the one you've just made.
  • Try and store that data backup in a secure place that's not next to your computer, so if someone breaks in and takes your desktop computers, they won't be tempted to take your backup disk as well!
  • Look to see if you can store a backup offsite somewhere. It could be your home rather than your office, a relative's house or even just another building onsite. So long as that location has an internet connection, and you've got the right software installed, you can back up remotely over the net every night without lifting a finger. (That’s what Kirsty’s cousin opted for.)

It’ll never happen to me

And if you're still thinking "This won't happen to me", consider this. According to the EMC Global Data Protection Index conducted by Vanson Bourne, data loss and downtime cost Canadian business a whopping $17 billion in 2014. That's up 400% since 2012.

The good news is that the one thing you won't need to backup is your Akira hosted website. At Akira, we back up all websites hosted on our servers every single night, so if one server goes down, we can have your website back up and running usually before you've even noticed. That's one less backup to worry about, and that can only be a good thing!

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