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Are your website and social media pages ready for Halloween?

halloween pumpkinsIt’s a scary thought, but Halloween is at the end of this week.

(And that means there are only eight shopping weeks to Christmas!)

But why should you ‘decorate’ your website for these, or indeed any holiday seasons, especially if what you’re selling is not seasonally dependent?

The answer is spookily simple.


Search engines like to see change on a website. Social media sites like to see change on a Company page. And most of all, customers like to see change - but not too much.

So here are five quick ways to make your website look seasonally sensational, without a frightening amount of work.



Five ways to ‘seasonalize’ your web presence

Here are five quick ways to refresh your website with a seasonal flavour, whatever the time of year. We’ve just used Halloween as an example.

1. “Decorate” your website

Just like you’d do a window display in a store for Halloween, do the same for your website. Add an extra slide to your rolling header (if you have one), wishing your customers a Happy Halloween. Temporarily swap your usual team photos with images of everyone in fancy dress, just for fun. Or just add your Halloween opening hours in bright orange text with a little pumpkin pic.
Benefits: new images and text for search engines to index, a fresh look for your home page

2. Seasonal offers and fun giveaways

Customers love a special deal or a silly giveaway. You might offer a devilish discount of 5% for all order taken on Monday 31 October, if the customer quotes “Hocus pocus 5%”. You might offer a free pumpkin or candy corn with every order or booking. Whatever you decide to offer, make it fun and always cross-promote it on social media.
Benefits: people love to share discounts and offers via social media. It makes them look generous and ‘in the know’, and their sharing ensures your offer reaches a wider audience across the web.

3. Product selfies

Customers love seeing their pictures on your social media. So, why not encourage them to take seasonal selfies with your products or your team for Halloween, and post the best costumes/ideas images on your social media feed with a special hash tag, e.g. #AkiraHalloween. Instagram is particularly effective for this kind of promotion, as posting is done in real time.
Benefits: could go viral, fun for custoemrs, easy to do

4. Change your Company Facebook page cover

This is actually recommended by Facebook! Change the cover (main image)of your Facebook Company page with a suitably spooky image. Your image should measure 828px wide by 315px high, and preferably not more than 100kb file size. Any text you add must be positioned in the centre of the fill size image, otherwise it gets cropped when viewed on a mobile.
Benefits: a fresh, up to date look for your FB page with minimal effort

5. Post a SHORT video on Twitter

Posting video on Twitter is an excellent way to get your post noticed. Twitter have in fact just increased the length of videos you can post to 140 seconds, but to be honest, the shorter the better. A short video of five team members saying what they love most about Halloween, for example, could be as short as 20 secs. That’s just fine! Post it on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, your YouTube channel, as a blog on your website, the lot.
Benefits: get your post noticed more quickly, fun for customers, should not be too polished - people like videos with raw edges!


Don’t like the look of your website, noticing it doesn’t play nicely on mobiles, or need keyword copywriting for new products and services? Give Akira a call to discuss refreshing and revitalising your website in 2017.


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