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iPhone 7 - have you got yours yet?

iPhone7Plus iPhone7 JetBlkAs our regular clients know, we’re big fans of Apple tech here at Akira Studio. However, we’re not rushing out to buy the new iPhone 7 (or iPhone 7 Plus) quite yet, and here’s why.

We use our iPhones as smart phones.

Yes, that might sound shocking and archaic, but we make calls on them, receive emails and browse the web.

Yes, we do listen to music, take photos and post the to our social media accounts, but ultimately it’s a smart phone.

However, the much-trumpeted new features to the iPhone 7 seem to be all about video and music.

So, how could a new iPhone 7 benefit your business?



iPhone 7: the features

A quick look at the features first, and then on to how they can benefit (or at least influence) your business.

better cameras

The new phone features a 12MP, f/1.8 rear-facing camera and a 7Mp front-facing camera, while the more expensive version offer a zoom features. It comes with up to 256GB (yes, GB) of storage.

More rugged

This is a phone built for outside in the wild, not inside an office. The phone is water resistant to IP67, so you can dunk it in 1m depth of water for 30 mins and it won’t care less. It’s also dust-proof. However, choose the cool Jet Black finish and sticky fingerprints might be an issue.

Better sound 

The iPhone 7 has stereo speakers, so you can listen on the move without headphones. Which is just as well as Apple have ditched the traditional headphone jack socket. So now you have to use a not-very-cool adapter for those DJ style over-ear headphones you bought to replace the Apple in-ear ones…

A camera by any other name…

So what you now have is a brilliant video camera that plays music really well and, oh, by the way, lets you make phone calls and post on Facebook. If you're over 30. Under that age, the new iPhone 7 is likely to be the only tech you'll really need to own. 

So, what does this tell us about what kind of website or online content we should be designing for our younger and tech savvy customers? Quite a lot.

  • Our websites need to be 100% mobile friendly. More than that, they need to really look great on a mobile, not just OK.
  • Our media content needs to look AND sound great on a mobile device. As screens and sound systems gain quality, so should our video content. It doesn’t have to be Hollywood standard, but HD footage is a must.
  • We need to create content in social media that leaps out from the rest even on a tall and narrow screen viewed on a dark day at a bus stop in the rain. That means strong images, short catchy videos and clear messages that make people want to hit that Like button.
  • Gaming is going to be big on these devices, given the rise of large capacity memories, faster processors, high res screens, and fibre broadband options. If you have the budget, create fun games to capture attention and, as a side benefit, get your app on their phone.

Got one already?

And if you have an iPhone 7, tell us what you think, and how you use it. We won’t be jealous (much)….

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