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Is your website marketing a “Field of Dreams?”

Is your website marketing a “Field of Dreams?”

"Build it and they will come" was the tagline of the Kevin Costner film where an Iowa farmer built a baseball field in his cornfield. And they did come - legendary players from the past and spectators alike!

Sadly, the same won't be true of your new website, at least, not without a little marketing! According to the website worldwidewebsize.com, as of July 10th 2014, the indexed world wide web contained at least 3.32 billion pages. That’s a lot of pages!


Note the word, 'indexed'. That means pages that Google and other search engines have found. When you buy an Akira website, we ensure your website is indexed when we launch it (sometimes even before), so your pages will be added to those billions already there asap.

OK, so your website is indexed. Great, but that’s just the start - you now need to promote it at every opportunity, and we mean every opportunity! Here are three easy ways to promote your website without breaking a sweat:

1. Put your website address everywhere

Add your website address to every single item of business stationery you have: business cards, letterheads, compliments slips, appointment cards, packaging, brochures, even invoices and receipts. Make it easy for people to see it, and that includes putting it in every email signature for you and your employees. Don't stop there either; put your website address on everything that people can see associated with your business; your vans, your lorries, your external signage, your workwear. Don't hold back - remember that people can see a URL (web address) on the move and type it into their mobile device to discover more right there and then, even if they are stuck at a highway toll booth!

2. Get your website address into every business directory you can

Printed business directories may seem a little 'old school', but their online versions are a great way to get your details in front of people without paying loads of dollars. There are also directories that only exist online, and the beauty of these is that they are found in search results, but don't charge the high fees (if any) of big companies such as Yellow Pages. Some are quite specific in their listings, such as the Ontario Aboriginal Business Directory. Better still, many of the smaller directories have a strong local focus, so you can be found quickly by customers in your business area. For example, check out the Town of Ingersoll business directory at http://www.ingersoll.ca/business/business-directory.

3. Get a QR code

Now this might seem a little contradictory, but a QR code is a cool and groovy shortcut to a particular page on your website without having to use your website address! Customers simply scan the QR code using their phones or tablets and are whisked direct to special content on your website without typing anything. QR codes can be placed on promo materials to spark interest - "Scan for our special Halloween menu" - or to take people to exclusive content - "Scan to see our top dog grooming tips video". QR codes can be created really easily and printed on almost anything flat - just ask us for details.

We'll be featuring other great ways to promote your website in future blogs, but we'd love your ideas too - just send us a Comment in the box below!


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