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Making the most of your Google + page

Making the most of your Google + page

You've claimed your Google+ (G+) page for your business, and now it's time to make it work better for your and your customers. (If you're lost already and need a refresh on Google pages, see our previous blog xxx). It will probably look like this:

At the bottom of the image, you'll find five tabs: About, Posts, Photos, Video and Reviews. Here's how to deal with each of them.


1. About

Much of this will probably be already filled in as part of your original page creation process. Make sure all details are correct, and pay special attention to:

Opening Hours

When people search for your services in your area on their mobile phone, unless you've filled in the Opening Hours section, Google will assume your business is closed. Yes, closed. So, even if you actually work from a tree house in the garden via email and never have visitors, put in normal 9-5 office hours (and get an answer phone).

Business Description

Fill this in if you haven't done so already. Make sure it sells your business and services to the max!

2. Posts

Just like you do in Facebook, add posts that will engage with customers, are fun but not too selling, and ultimately, drive traffic back to your website (by linking to a blog, for example). Always add a pic - ideal size is 360 x 360 pixels. Posts are optional, but if you're doing Facebook and Twitter posts already, you might as well just add your G+ page to the list. Here’s what a post will look like.

G post example

3. Photos

Photos will help bring your G+ page to life, and they don't have to be very fancy. So, take some pics of your business frontage on a sunny day, or a few of you and your staff at work. If, like us, your office contents are not very photogenic (apart from the cat), put up images of your products or examples of your work instead. Photos are best sized to 497 x 373 pixels.

4. Videos

If you've got videos, fantastic, upload them pronto. Videos should ideally be 497 x 379 pixels in size. If you don't have a video and are unlikely to actually ever do one (which would be a shame - but that's another blog), then you can choose to hide this tab under Google+ settings.

5. Reviews

Now this is important. Google likes to see reviews, and the number of reviews will be shown in your Google Local search results. So, encourage customers to review your products or services at every opportunity.

G review and SERPS

6. Get a great Cover Shot

The one exception to the 'not so fancy photo' rule is your Cover image. Just click on the current Cover image (usually the the curling paper Google puts up as a default) and you can upload your own image instead.

To make the most of your cover photo space you need:

  • A Profile photo (logo) 270 x 270 square. Google then crops this to create the circular image you see on the top left.
  • An attractive Cover image, which needs to be in 16:9 aspect and at least 2120 x 1192 pixels. Make sure the most important part of your image is in the top of the middle section, such as the name of your company. This is because the outer edges will be cropped when the image shows on a mobile phone.
  • The swirly area behind the text on the left is, in fact, a section of your Cover photo enlarged and blurred by Google. (Don't know why, just the way it is.)

Here's one we prepared earlier with all features in place:

G page cover shot

Needless to say, if this all sounds a bit like hard work, Akira can set you up with a professional-looking G+ page if you wish – just call for details.

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