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Meet Christine, our new WordPress expert!

Akira Studio is delighted to welcome (back) Christine Wilde to the team as our new resident WordPress designer and developer. We say welcome back, because Christine worked and trained with Tony in the UK before he made the move to Canada, so she's very much Akira through and through!

Christine is an expert in the design of beautiful, functional and mobile responsive WordPress websites, and her expertise offers Akira clients the opportunity to have their websites built in either Joomla or WordPress, the two biggest website CMS platforms in the world! She also brings expertise in 3D modelling and animation, which we're very excited about. Overall, we're thrilled that she's on board and working for Akira Studio from her UK office in Fareham, Hampshire.

So, what makes WordPress special?

WordPress may have started life as a blogging platform, but it has matured into an incredibly versatile and flexible system for creating business websites that search engines find almost irresistible!

What's more, WordPress is 'open source', so it is constantly being enhanced and refined by independent developers across the world. The practical upshot of this is that whatever functionality you want to add, someone somewhere in the world has probably developed a 'plug-in' (mini app) that pops that functionality right into your WordPress website.

The really good news is that, at its heart, WordPress is incredibly user-friendly. It's quick and easy to log in to the Admin area of your website to update text, change a photo, or even add a new page. Adding a blog post is a breeze - you can even post one direct from your mobile phone! When you host your new WordPress website with Akira, you'll get the best of all worlds, with your website held on a secure server, with minimal downtime and our technical help on tap should you need it.

With Christine's input, Akira Studio can continue to create innovative websites that work beautifully on any desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet computer, whether in WordPress or Joomla. Exciting times indeed!

If you're interested in a new website, just give us a call. Or stay posted on all the latest Akira news by following us on Twitter.

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