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Moving with the times

cardboard boxes small 1Moving is very much on the minds of the team this week, with Akira Studio's head office in Canada relocating from Ingersoll to smart new premises in London Ontario.

The entire company, including all the computers, various display screens and accompanying tech, was moved in a single day without incident, despite 31 degrees of heat and a midday thunderstorm.

In comparison, UK copywriter Kirsty's move from her super-slow regular broadband to super-fast fibre should have been a breeze.

It wasn't.




Plugging in her trusty iMacs to the new router was a disaster - it froze their systems solid. Almost three hours later the rogue setting was identified.* And the reason it took three hours to find was that Kirsty was running an old operating system on her iMacs.

It was a timely reminder that just as Akira Studio had outgrown their original premises in Ingersoll, Kirsty's requirements had outgrown her ageing tech. Whilst there is nothing actually wrong with her iMacs, if they remain at the old operating system, there are only going to be more problems in the future - and more hours lost to solving them.

So, Kirsty is going to upgrade her iMacs. Yes, it will be quite an expense, but it is also an investment to ensure she can continue to work effectively and efficiently, and future-proof her systems.


The same applies to any company website. It might work fine just now, and look OK on your own desktop computers. However, if your website is over three years old, it probably won't look its best on mobile devices, and certainly won't be responsive (change itself to suit the screens of mobile devices). Next to your competitors' responsive websites, yours may look dated, clunky and be tricky to navigate on today's smart phones and tablets.

Yes, to upgrade your website will involve an investment on money and time, but it'll pay dividends. With more and more searches being made through mobile devices, your new responsive website will reach more customers, more often. Your website will be compatible with the latest devices, and be ready for new features you might want to add.

More importantly, you won't be left behind when the Next Big Thing happens in websites. Your website will be there, ready to move with the times, rather than lagging behind.

If you feel your website needs an upgrade, call us. We'll take your website on to the next level for a surprisingly reasonable cost, and with no website downtime.


*(Ethernet DHCP setting: change automatic to off on IPv6 in OS 10.6.8 if anyone's interested).

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