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To all at AKIRA STUDIO we had an idea that you have brought to life right in front of our eyes. We never imagined how our website would look or feel & the communication with you is second to none. As you know we are new to the internet but without your guidance & support we may have given up a long time ago.


I can honestly say not only has AKIRA Studio given us a site we are proud of we also know that they went the extra mile for us & still are, they always show great interest & enthusiasm for what we are trying to achieve.

AKIRA has even gone to the extent of contacting our potential customers on our behalf to make our life that much easier & given us numerous tips on marketing. With hindsight we never knew what to expect from AKIRA but what we have received has been out of this world & they will always be a part of NORRC LTD.


We look forward to continue our working relationship with AKIRA STUDIO & wish them all the success in the future. Finally we would like to say thank you to Tony Scott & all his team for their help & input to realising our dreams.


King regards

Steve & Gosia

For & on behalf of NORRC LTD



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