shopping online bagWThinking of getting an online shop to sell your goods direct to eager buyers across the country?


Have you devised a marketing plan to promote your online e-store by identifying and contacting prospective customers?

Sort of?

And is that plan for a one-off mega push or a sustained campaign over several weeks?


An online store is at its heart a sales brochure, albeit a very clever one that has instant buying options built in.

So, you need to promote it like a good old fashioned full colour ‘hold it in your hand’ printed sales brochure, to ensure your online e-shop is the success you and your business want it to be.



Sales brochure marketing for e-stores

Any promotional materials take a lot of hard work and preparation to get to the production stage. You need to create enticing images, write selling copy that encourages sales, and wrap it in a design that’s eye-catching and attractive. Only when it’s all been checked and double-checked at several proof stages would you dream of saying to your printer “Go ahead and print it”.

Two weeks later, cartons of lovely, glossy brochures with that distinctive “just printed’ smell arrive and fill up your office, the back storeroom and any other spare inch of dry, clean floorspace available.

And that’s where the hard work really begins. 

Most of all, you would have pre-launched the heck out of your new brochure to build a sense of massive anticipation at its arrival for you, your current customers and the world at large. 

Building up YOUR SHOP

The same should apply to your online shop. Just getting it built is not enough. You need to promote it before it goes live and every single day after, in some way or other.

Let’s face it, you do not expect your graphic designer or your printer to help you actually market a printed brochure; their job ended when the cardboard boxes arrived. The same is often true of an e-store; once it’s built and live, most website designers will say “Thank you very much” and send a final invoice.

At Akira Studio, we are more proactive than that. 

Your store, your customers

Then, it’s over to you. There are only two kinds of online shop customers:
1. Those customers who know about your website.
2. Those who don’t. 
You need to reach out to those who don’t - and that’s pure marketing.

So, gather every marketing tool you’ve got, and use it:

In other words, whatever you usually do to sell stuff offline, do the same to sell online. 

And keep doing it.

For more details on creating your own online store, give us a call. Or follow this blog for monthly blogs on how your business can make the most of being online.