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PCM Electronics

"I chose Tony to design my new website after asking five companies to quote.  Tony was the only one who happily and knowledgably answered my technical and non-technical questions and was willing to allow me to update the content after he did the initial design and ported over pages from the old site.  In other words, he wasn't trying to tie me in for ever more.  His portfolio was also superior to the other bidders.

Tony created a new logo, then the website, which was up and running in time for an exhibition.  He seamlessly changed the website hosting to a server in London that he manages and then moved the email handling to the same server which has resulted in a huge drop in undesirable spam.  He then gave me a hands-on lesson on how to use Joomla, which I used to modify some of the pages, their order on the menus and then, a few days later, I was able to add a new page with images and links on my own.  He also created a new business card template for us.

I'm very pleased with the results and several of my customers have been very complimentary about the design.  I can recommend Akira Studio without hesitation."

Peter Comrie

PCM Electronics


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