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Responsive website or mobile app: which is best for my business?

Responsive website or mobile app: which is best for my business?

There's no doubt that more and more people are searching online using their mobile phone or shiny new tablet device (such as an iPad). The question is, how can you use this increasingly popular way of finding information to your business advantage?
First, you need a responsive website. This is a smart website that detects what device is being used to access the website, (desktop PC, phone, tablet) and adapts accordingly. That's why many websites look different on your phone than on a computer.

Responsive websites are usually a little more straightforward and quicker to load, but with all the information and functions you need. Non-responsive websites are the horrible looking ones on your phone with tiny text and buttons that don't work, or that simply refuse to load at all!

However, a responsive website is still essentially your main website, with nothing new or different in terms of content than you'd see if you were sitting at your laptop or home computer. A mobile app, however, is something totally different.

A mobile app allows you to create unique content just for app users. It could be special offers, latest news, details of service status, even a map, almost anything you like. Users download your app (for free) and it sits on their mobile device, ready and waiting to be opened.

Once a potential or actual customer has your app on their phone, they become a member of your 'app club', so to speak.

  • They have privileged access to details and functions only available to app users.
  • They can be sent updates or offers that appear only in the app.
  • The app gives them access to information unobtainable any other way.

Apps give your customers direct, instant access to specific services or information at any time, at any location, without the need to remember website names or repeated logging in. They are simple, easy to use and remarkably powerful in both attracting and keeping customers.

Plus, dare we say it, they're rather cool too!

If your business website is being viewed on mobile devices (and stats show at least 25% to 50% of potential customers in Canada are already doing this), by making your main website mobile friendly AND having an app, you are future-proofing your business online.

Most of all, you'll be keeping way ahead of most of your competitors who simply haven't woken up to the opportunity. Call us for details of how we can make your website responsive and build you an app, all for a remarkably cost-effective price.

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