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RIP the RSS newsfeed?

Back in the days when the internet was hip and groovy, the buzz was all about RSS newsfeeds. How amazing that you could have news stories from your favourite news websites and blogs delivered straight to your PC, without having to visit every site individually! What a time saver!

And then social media came along. Suddenly, you had to start looking at lots of different social media sites to keep up - Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn - and that took loads of time. Even a social media management system like Hootsuite, which brings all your social media together into one online 'dashboard', could end up with more columns than a Doric temple.

So, is there a shortcut? Yes, and it's a bit of a surprise. Twitter.

The reason is that most businesses and news organisations actually post across several social media platforms at once, which make sense. It ensures that their news story will reach the people who only use Facebook, or the devoted Twitter fans, or that rarest of beasts, the Google+ users.

However, the 140 character limit in Twitter requires everyone to summarise their story, and that makes it really quick for you to read. It's the social media equivalent of scanning the headlines.

So, you can Follow your favourite news websites or blogs, and get short notifications of news stories you might like to read. What's more, savvy businesses on Twitter have realised that if they provide links to interesting stories in their marketplace, then they become a source of interesting news as well.

The fun stuff starts when one of your Twitter followers then Retweets a story they like that you posted. Now your business name is in front of their followers, who in turn might follow you and Retweet to their followers, and the whole effect snowballs. It's quick, easy, relaxed and best of all - free to the user.

That's the reason we use Twitter here at Akira Studio, but we’re very fussy about what we post. When you Follow us on Twitter, we post interesting stories about making the most of your website, drawn from all corners of the web. We'll also let you know when our weekly blog goes live, and add in other interesting Akira news as and when it happens.

What’s more, we know you have a life and a business to run. There is simply no point in bombarding you with 8-10 Tweets a day - why has time to read that many? Instead we keep it simple - two Tweets a week on interesting stories, and one Tweet to describe our blog post. That's it, and that's the way most people seem to like it. We can add more Tweets if we wish, no problem, and if we do, it's because we've go something interesting to say, not just to fill a tweet quota!

So, if you like to get relevant, timely and interesting news delivered to your PC, phone or mobile device, why not give Twitter a try. It's free to sign up either as a person or a business, and we're happy to help set up an account for your business if you wish. Just give us a call.

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