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Selling online the easy way!

If you have products you can mail or deliver to customers, you have an e-commerce business just waiting to open!

Selling online is an ideal way to:

  • Broaden your customer base without the need for more stores
  • Build invaluable data on customers’ buying habits
  • Extend your reach and sell beyond your local area
  • Be open for business 24/7/365


Most of all, it's a straightforward and secure way to sell to people searching for products just like yours on their PC, laptop or mobile device. And with up to 50% of searches now made on mobile devices, that's a large percentage of your future customer base with your product details in their hands.

Many smaller businesses in Canada have shied away from online selling, but with online retail sales predicted to hit $34billion in Canada by 2018*, they are missing out, big time

At Akira Studio, we specialise in easy to use, cost-effective online stores for smaller businesses that offer customers an enjoyable and secure online shopping experience. All Akira Studio e-commerce online stores are easy to administer, offer the highest level of security for online payments. Coupled with our great value hosting and support options, your online shop can quickly pay for itself in ‘extra’ sales alone.

There are just three main secrets to the success of online stores, large or small.

1. Attractive Pictures

Pictures are CRUCIAL in online selling, so it pays to make sure your products look their very beast. Akira e-commerce client LondonW11 sell designer cashmere garments, and their images are amazing. Here's their Home page, for example, packed with attractive people wearing attractive clothes. These images are selling lifestyle as much as cardigans!


The best ecommerce websites allow you to zoom in on details in each product photo, a feature much appreciated by anyone using a small screen device such as a phone or tablet. (Picture zoom is available on all new Akira Studio online stores as standard!)

2. Detailed, keyword rich descriptive text

This is where so many ecommerce sites fall down. Search engines like Google can only read text - they don't understand images. A cuddly cashmere cardigan could be a cow for all they know - unless you tell them otherwise!

So, when you write product descriptions, make every word count, and think of the different combination people might type into Google to find your product. Here's an example from LondonW11:


"Navy Blue Italian Cashmere Cardigan With Silk Detail"

Look how many keyword combinations website owner and designer Eva-Maria has created in just one title:

  • Navy Blue Italian Cashmere Cardigan
  • Blue Italian Cashmere
  • Italian Cashmere Cardigan
  • Cashmere Cardigan
  • Cashmere Cardigan With Silk

and so on.
Then in the header in her description, she takes it one step further: "Navy Blue Zip Lounge Cardigan in 100% Scottish Cashmere, with Silk Detail." Eva-Maria is really good at this (guess who taught her!).

3. Easy buying process

There is nothing more off-putting when shopping online than a purchase system that just won't play nicely. Every online store should be a breeze to use; find the item you want, select the size/colour and quantity you want, add to your basket, and either carry on shopping or proceed to checkout. Choose a delivery option and pay securely using any major credit cards or Paypal. Job done! That's the way we like to shop online ourselves, so that's the way we build our online stores, simple as that.

If you'd like to grow your business with an online store, call us, and together we can take your business to a whole new level.


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