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Six quick wins to boost your business website while you wait

coffee mug laptopAt Akira, we are website people. We build them, revamp them, optimise them, write them, upgrade them and host them.

And that takes time.

When you first come to us, we know you’re all fired up and ready to go. You want everything to go full steam ahead, so you can get the job done and start reaping the rewards of your new/optimised/redesigned website.

However, quality web design and website creation takes time, as does in-depth keyword research, and writing high quality, effective and SEO-savvy website content.

Equally, it also takes you time to collate, read, check, amend, approve and sign off all the elements of your website we’ve created for you.

Start the ball rolling

During the process, there are inevitably going to be a few days while you’re waiting on us to complete something (or we’re waiting on you and/or your colleagues to check it.)

That doesn’t mean you can’t start to get the ball rolling on promoting your website, however. So long as you have a website of some sort, and the domain name won’t change when the new version arrives, you can get it listed, linked and Liked.

Here’s how:



One of the most effective things you can do to boost visits to your website is update content. That’s why when we redesign any website, we always recommend a keyword-driven text refresh or rewrite.

This is because Google won’t be interested in a web site whose content (text) hasn’t changed for ages. So, start to pique Google’s interest and write some new text yourself for the home page (or indeed, any page). You can pop it up yourself via your login to the backend of your current website

This fresh text indicates to Google that your website is active again, and worth taking a look at. It might take up to 3 months to get indexed, so the earlier you start, the better. Then when the new design and content goes live, it’ll be noticed that much quicker by the search engines.



As we’ve just explained, Google needs a reason to come back and index your website more than once. That’s where articles come in - fresh meat for Google and useful information for potential customers too. Basically, these are more detailed blogs, providing high quality, useful information for both potential customers and search engines to read.

Not sure what to write? Ask your sales team for the top three questions customers ask on the phone or via email. (If you ARE the sales team, you’ll know these questions already!)

Then, write an article that answers one of those questions, in depth. Even if they ask “Where are you in Woodstock?”, for example, write a blog on that, explaining perhaps the history of the area, how long the business has been there, and why you are the best business for your services in your area.

Why? The resulting article will be rich in keywords relating to your location, which is really good for SEO! Take some quick photos on your phone and add them to the article, so people can see what you are writing about.



Do a search for your company name to see where your business is already listed on the web, such as Yellow Pages, Google My Business, etc. Take five minutes to look up the logins for these accounts (yes, we have to do that too!). Then, find time each day to update one listing. It’s the kind of job you can do for 10 minutes over coffee, as long as you have the log-in details to hand.

Even if no basic details have changed, you can update your listing by:

  • adding your opening hours
  • writing new text on your business
  • uploading photos or videos (if allowed)

It’s another quick win, as Google likes to see activity even on listings.



Explore other sources of links back to your website, such as those from your professional organisation, or local business directories such as the Chamber of Commerce. For existing listings, do the same job as with other listings - add photos, new descriptive text, anything to refresh it.

Now search for the name of your main competitor in your area. Note where they are listed - and get your business listed there too!



When did you last post something to your Facebook Company page? Does it still wish everyone a Happy Christmas?! If you have not posted something within the last 14 days, post something, (anything!), RIGHT NOW! Otherwise prospective customers won’t know if your business is still active or not.

Again, make it look good too. Take a photo of :

  • your business premises in the snow
  • the latest product that’s come in
  • a shipment going off to somewhere exciting (or just locally)
  • cutting edge equipment you’ve bought (if not commercially sensitive)

Write a short post about each type of service you offer, add one of the photos you’ve just taken, and link back to a relevant website page..

Post once a day for the next week at least, and then drop down to a level you can manage, such as twice a week. (If you want someone else to do this for you, we can help - see our social media page for details!).



Once your Facebook page has some fresh posts on it, then look for a Facebook local group for your area. Find a community group where people ask questions like “Can anyone recommend a good plumbing company?”, and join it. Keep an eye open for all enquiries relating to your business and services, and reply with a “We’ll be happy to help” with a link to your Facebook page or your website. Just make sure you reply and follow up on any enquiries made directly via Facebook Messenger - some people communicate only through Facebook.


Just do it

Remember, every single thing you do to promote your website will ultimately help your business / brand be seen by more people, more often, online.

Time to put the coffee on!

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