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The Akira Studio design process: how we do what we do!

We’re often asked what’s involved in the website design process, so we’ve put together a step by step guide to what we do to create visually striking, engaging and ‘search-engine successful’ website for our clients.

It may look like a lot of stages, but our methodical approach ensures we stay on track and deliver what the client wants in a timely fashion.

You talk. We listen

The very first thing we do is listen to what you want from your website. Lead designer and Akira founder Tony Scott will meet you in person or talk on the phone, to take a full brief of what you require.

Options, add-ons and extras

We'll talk through all the options available to maximise the impact of your website, including SEO keyword research, full copywriting, mobile apps, hosting, and bespoke features such as interactive mapping or videos.

Detailed contract

We then write all the detail into a full contract, which you sign and return as confirmation of your website order. At this point, a deposit will become due, and we get started on your website as soon as this is paid.

First designs

Now the magic starts! Designers Tony and Andrew convert your brief into a web design that combines superb visuals with top of the range functionality. These are presented to you as 'flat' designs, so you can see them on your PC screen and advise of any changes you want, but they are not a functioning website - yet!

SEO keywords and copywriting

If you've opted for the SEO and copywriting package (and 90% of our customers do), copywriter Kirsty will contact you for key details of your business and market areas. Armed with this information, she conducts in-depth, bespoke research into phrases (keywords) that real customers are typing into search engines every day, so your website will get found in searches, more often. Once compete, she sends you a personal detailed report and keyword list.

Straightforward sitemaps

This is the point where copywriting meets design! Kirsty and Tony work together to draw up a sitemap that shows every page on your website in a simple diagram form. It's pretty much all up for grabs at this stage: you can change pages from one section to another, add new ones, etc, until you've got the pages you want in the locations you want, before any writing is done.

All systems go!

Once the final sitemap is approved, and you've also approved your website design, we go into overdrive!

Paulius performs his technical wizardry to turn a flat design into a fully functioning website (known as coding).

Tony and Andrew contact you for photos, videos, forms, etc, that you wish on your website.
Kirsty writes the first draft 1 of your website copy, and send it to you by email.

Block out a day, the text is coming

Clients often underestimate the time it takes to read their first draft copy, so we suggest you block out an entire day just for this task. All copy is delivered in an editable Word doc, so you can make changes on the draft supplied, save it as draft 2, and send back to Kirsty for any extras, amendments, etc. This process continues until a final draft is approved (usually draft 3).

Putting it all together

Now all the elements are put together. Text and images are added to the coded website, and this is stored in a 'sandbox' location, which means you can check it and fully test it before it goes live. This is also the stage where those extras get added into the mix, such as mobile device apps and other bespoke functions. Once your website goes live, the second installment of your payment becomes due.

Your website goes live!

Yes, it's arrived, launch day! Send a press release, announce it on social media, hand out flyers to customers and make sure your new website address is everywhere - business cards, complement slips, headed paper, vehicle decals, brochures, workwear, the lot. The more you promote your website, the more successful it will be.

Ongoing support from Akira

We don't just build a website and leave you to it, you can call us with any questions you have anytime during office hours. If it's hosted with us, we keep it safe and secure 24/7/365 as well. We want you to get the maximum benefit from your website, so we also include small changes and additions as required in our monthly hosting charge.

Keeping your website active

Your new Akira website has several features built in to ensure that you can keep it looking fresh with new text, new images and the latest videos. This activity is very important for search engines, who see a website being changed as an indication that your business is, well, busy! These features include:

Your blog - make sure you use it! Post articles, news stories, new product information and make sure you post at least once a fortnight minimum (more on this in a future blog from us!)

Easy to use CMS - the backend of your website where you can change text, add photos and more as required.

Social media accounts - your website has ready to use links to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, so use them to help promote your business.

And if this all sounds like a lot of work and a steep learning curve to boot, call us - we offer affordable social media services including pre-written blog for the busy business who see the need for social media but just ain't got the time!

How long will it take?

As you can see from the above, building a professional website does take time. This includes the time you and your colleagues need to check the website designs, read through pages of web copy, and double-check the website before it goes live. There’s only so much we can do without you!

On average, we suggest that even the most straightforward website takes at least 1 month to produce, so do make sure you have time in your diary.

If you have any questions about how Akira Studio works, just call us – we love to talk websites!

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