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The printed flyer is dead - long live the flyer!

It's very easy in these days of emails and websites to overlook the fact that traditional marketing materials are very much alive and kicking. Despite the existence of digital alternatives, we still love our business cards, brochures and flyers, and with good reason. There is something very satisfying about holding information in your hands - as long as it's good quality of course.

The traditional handbill or flyer is no exception. What makes a flyer memorable isn't just the message, it's the design and print quality too. The better the design, the more likely the message is to be read, ad the flyer to be kept. The higher quality the flyer, the more it will keep its appeal over time, and less likely to be consigned to the recycling bin.


Talking of recycling, there is another great advantage of the printed flyer; you physically need to put it in the bin. An email can be deleted at the click of a mouse, or indeed might be consignee to a recipient's Junk folder by software without any human ever having read it. Printed flyers need to be physically placed in, and often this means they get read a little before they are finally thrown away.

A physical flyer also has the benefit of the six-second rule: if something does not attract our attention within six seconds, we will ditch it. Actually, six seconds is longer than you think, certainly enough time to scan a flyer and work out whether it interests you or not.

The term ‘quality printing’ does necessarily mean big and glossy either; you can attract attention by the feel of your printed materials using different textured papers, different weight of cards, unusual shapes or smart finishes such as spot varnish.

Whatever message you wish to put across, good design is key, and that's where Akira Studio can help. We started out as a commercial graphic design studio, and we apply the same principals of attractive, professional design to our printed wok and our websites. Indeed, it's one of our great strengths that we translate good design from the page onto the screen, for a consistent brand image across all your printed and digital/online materials.

So, if you'd like to refresh your printed materials, match your website to your brand, or just need a new logo, call us at Akira, or see our Graphic Design page (http://www.akirastudio.com/services/graphic-print-design). We're always happy to take up ligneous graphite fusion technology (i.e. a pencil) to sketch out ideas for you!

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