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The world’s best WordPress websites

wordpress logoAt Akira, we build our website using two systems, Joomla and Wordpress. We love Joomla for its power and stability, but WordPress takes the crown for ease of use and sheer flexibility.

Wordpress has come a very long way from it’s origins as a blogging platform. Now, some of the world’s biggest websites are built using Wordpress, and they couldn’t look and feel more different.


Here are some of the stand-out websites created in WordPress, including one of our own, so you can see for yourself just how flexible WP is….



Great examples of Wordpress sites

Here's a pick of some of the best WordPress websites we've seen this year, and one of our own that we're exceptionally proud of!

The Walt Disney Company



Icons don’t get much bigger than the legendary film company. Their corporate site is clear, concise and features great visuals (as you might expect).

We also like the use of a soft cream background colour that makes the site easier on the eye, but also enables white information boxes to stand out. Very neat.



canada com


Owned by Postmedia network, who publish most of Canada’s newspapers, this discussion site links to stories across various publications from one ‘hub’ site.

It’s simple, effective and easy to read on mobiles, perfect if you want to catch up with stories on the move. The format of short headlines leading to longer articles is perfect for people who want to scan quickly, and then read in more depth.





How interesting can a plastic bag manufacturer’s website be? Well, actually, pretty good, as Glad’s website shows.

Decked out in bright colours, with images that are colour-enhanced for more impact, this site leaps out and grabs your attention.

We particularly love the tips box “I want Glad to help me” which changes during the day as your plastic bag needs change from breakfast to lunch.

We also love the sign-up for trash day reminders, sent by text direct to your phone.


Usain Bolt

usain bolt


For such a photographed athlete, it’s little wonder that the star feature of his blog is the rolling image header.

Colour-blended in greys, it really is so good you’ll watch it several times before moving down to the individual blogs below.

You can quickly filter what sort of info you want - news, events, etc - and the blog posts instantly filter and rearrange with a smooth sliding action.

Very cool!


Stuart Knight

stuart knight


OK, a bit of trumpet-blowing here, as this is one of ours. Inspirational speaker and life coach Stuart wanted a website that covered both his main services, and looked modern, sharp and totally different. We devised a website that is simple to the point of spareness, but with a full screen video that captures your attention and almost demands you click the play button.

We’re very proud of this website, and it’s really done the biz for Stuart, which is the most important part!


If you’d like a WordPress website to sell your business better, call us. We’ll listen to what you want, an work with you to build a website that looks great, works beautifully on mobiles and ensures the search engines it up and take notice too.


I Love Typography



This one is a bit geeky, but it’s also an example of how effective a simple blog can be. Using striking images and just the shortest of teaser text, this blog invites you to jump in and read.

Clean, smart, uncluttered and really rather lovely for it.




Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus

ringling bros


As you’d expect from the providers of “The Greatest Show on Earth”, this website is full on.

From the fast-cut full width video at the top to the spinning social media posts that flip between text and photos, it’s all about movement and excitement.

We like the little touches too, such as the clown hanging by his boots from the top bar with a “Get Tickets” sign, and how he seemingly stretches as you scroll down the page so he always remains in view.





Clorox make bleach and cleaning products. How dull. Yet look at their website Home page.

It starts with a scrolling header that doesn’t auto scroll, promoting an app.

Then it features a coupon.

Next it’s an invitation to tweet a stain problem.

Then three, just three, links; two to their charitable work, one to their blog.

That’s it. Straightforward, simple, with all the main information on drop-down menus at the top. 


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