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Top five tips for SEO and social media success

brighton seo blog imageAt Akira, we invest considerable time in learning about new trends, techniques and technologies to make our websites the best possible.

While we spend many hours following leading lights in website design and development online, nothing beats hearing these people speak live at a conference - and being able to quiz them in person!

Our SEO and copywriter Kirsty recently attended BrightonSEO, a cutting edge conference bringing together top SEO and social media practitioners from the UK, US and Europe to discuss what they do, why they do it, and most usefully, exactly how they do it.



Bright Ideas from BrightonSEO

Here’s Kirsty’s pick of the top five tips that you can apply to your website and social media right now to improve your website’s rankings and performance.

Tip#1: Content Cannibalism

As you know, duplicate content on the same website is a big no-no for search engines, but here’s why. When two pages have identical content, Google doesn’t know which to give priority to and so they end up competing with each other in the rankings.
Top Tip: Try and change something in the text, even just the first line of a description. Also change the meta tags to be slightly different for each page - it will make a difference.

TIP#2: Video on social media

If you’ve got a smart phone and a business, you’ve got everything you need to create interesting videos for your social media sites. The good news is that they don’t have to be very long - 1 minute max - and they don’t even have to have sound (most people turn the sound off in Facebook anyway). What your video does need to be is relevant to your customers and right for the social media community you’re targeting.
Top Tip: Facebook videos should capture attention within the first three seconds, so edit it to the best shot! Instagram now do video as well as photos, so use this site to capture and post  ‘as it happens’ footage. Remember to always add a description and #tags, so people can find your content, and autopost it to Facebook too.

Tip#3: SEO for Facebook   

Your Company Facebook page needs the same SEO treatment as your website, and it’s really easy to do.
Top Tip: Fill out your Company Facebook details section fully, claim the vanity URL and write a short description!

Tip#4: Get more Likes for your Company FB page    

If you want people to Like your Facebook page, just ask them! Put a Facebook Like box on your website (most Akira blogs have this added automatically) and also on your Order page if you sell online.
Top Tip: Also add that Like button onto your final transaction page - you know, the one that says “Thanks for your order”. This can achieve a 6% clickthrough rate just for being there - amazing. Do the same on the email order confirmation you send, and you’ll get even more!

Tip#5: Social media doesn’t take the weekend off  

Cathal Berragan is 20 years old. He started his first Facebook page aged 17 because he was bored with revision. It got 20,000 Followers in two weeks. He did another page. It got 200,000 Follower in two weeks. He’s now courted by major brands such as Disney to help them promote their products online. He's pretty awesome!
Top Tip: Social media doesn’t take the weekend off. Sunday afternoon is the busiest time online so ensure some of your content is posted then, either live or using a scheduled post you prepared earlier.

And there’s more  

Kirsty will be following up some more of the amazing information in future blogs, so keep your eyes peeled.

And if you want some help with implementing any of the tips Kirsty suggests, call us. We're happy to help make them happen!

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