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Top SEO tips for YouTube videos

youtube coffee pot


SEO guru Kirsty once found herself in a villa in Sicily with a traditional Italian coffee pot and no idea how to use it. So she Googled "How to use Italian coffee pot" on her phone, and what came up first?

A YouTube video.

In fact, the first two results were YouTube videos, but that's not a total surprise. YouTube is now the second biggest search engine after Google, with over 30 million visitors a day.


 The video Kirsty found (https://youtu.be/huC3E1c4SBs) has been viewed almost 229,000 times. And it's not a promo from a coffee pot manufacturer, it's to promote a website.

YouTube for your business videos

If you want your business videos to be noticed, they need to be on YouTube. The challenge is to make sure they can be found in searches such as "How to use Italian coffee pot". After all, over 72 hours of video are uploaded to the site every minute of every day, and yours may just be five minutes long. So, how can you ensure your video shows up?

Keywords are key

It all comes down to keywords. Google cannot ‘watch’ the video, it can only show results according to the textual information attached to the video. In other words, you need SEO for videos. With the right SEO in place, your video can be found quickly and easily, and spread your company message far and wide.

Here's what you need to do SEO-wise to make your video stand out from the crowd. We suggest you do ALL these steps before uploading your video, so you don't feel rushed or make typing mistakes. Like decorating a house, time spent doing the prep reaps dividends in the final finish!

Keyword Research

If you've had your SEO keyword research done by Akira, you already have a good idea of what the key phrases are around your product or service. Adapt these phrases into one of the following formats: let's take "local dog walker" as an example.

  • How to keywords: "How to find a local dog walker"
  • Reviews: "Review of WaggyWoofies Dog Walking service"
  • Tutorials: "Train your dog to walk to heel"
  • Anything fitness related: "Weekend dog walks to keep you fit"
  • Funny videos: "Cute Newfie puppy having fun with local dog walker"

Type these phrases into Google and check to see if any videos come up in the results.

  • If they do, great, there's a demand. Take note of the types of videos and see if you can create one with a new twist.
  • If they don't, great, you might be the first to post one!

Video Filename

This is the actual filename of the video mp4 or similar. Include one keyword if possible, such as "WaggyWoofies_dog_walking_tips.mp4”

Video Title

This is the title of the video that shows on the search results and under the video itself. It needs to be short, snappy and have a keyword or two, e.g. "Dog walking tips: make walks with your dog more fun - WaggyWoofies"

Video Description

This is the bit most people forget to do, and it makes a HUGE difference to your video's visibility. You need a description that contains at least three of your keywords, is interesting to read, and is at least 200 words long. (If that seems scary, we're happy to help!) Put a link to your website at the very top and the very end of your description.


Just use a few related keyword phrases. These help trigger the related videos that appear on the right hand side of the YouTube page.


If you have a technical or detailed video with a voiceover, put a transcription of the spoken text into the description field. This helps the search engines index your video for a variety of keywords, and also helps your viewers navigate your video should they want to revisit particular sections. Make sure the transcript is time-coded (time stamped) so viewers know where each section starts.

Call to action

Encourage people to do something at the end of the video on the final screen. Ask them to comment, subscribe to your YouTube channel, add the video to their Favourite list, and share on social media. Put this request and the links at the end of your Description too.

Load that video!

Now you can sign into YouTube, upload your video, and cut and paste all the textual elements. You can also add extra details such as a Category, which helps people find videos on topics that interest them.

More YouTube SEO Tips

Here's three more ways to help your YouTube SEO, all accessed from the top line of icons on your Creator Studio homepage.

Youtube nav strip

Keyword annotations

If your video doesn't have any on-screen graphics, you can add keyword annotations in YouTube itself. So, you can have a phrase such as "Our new night-time dog walking service" over the appropriate section of the video. Type these out in a text doc FIRST so you can spell check them, and add to your video after it's uploaded.

Featured Video

This is a really clever little feature, a grey bar that pops up as your video is playing suggesting another video for people to watch afterwards. Under Channel, click on Featured Content and add a suggested video URL. Just be aware that the video you choose to Feature appears on ALL your videos, so make sure it's relevant to everything on your Channel.

YouTube Interactive Cards

These little gems contain links to other websites and call to action text, to encourage people to interact with your video. They pop up over the video itself and give you the chance to place extra information without affecting the original footage. However, your YouTube account will need to be 'in good standing” to access this feature.

Watermark your YouTube videos

This neat trick helps you add a watermark (translucent logo or words) to your video. It may seem a little like overkill, but it will ensure that when your dog walking video goes viral and global, everyone knows who made it!

easy ways to promote your YouTube video

YouTube is a simple beast when it comes to working out what videos are 'popular'. The more people who watch your video, and keep watching it until the end, the better. So make sure as many people know about your video as possible!

  • Put a link to your video in your email signature. Simple, quick, and remarkably effective.
  • Embed videos in your blog posts. People are far more likely to watch your video if it's there ready to play than if it's just a text link.
  • Share your video on social media. Pop the YouTube video link at the end of a Facebook post and bingo, the video appears below your post, ready to play. Do the same with your Twitter and Google + posts. If you're a member of any LinkedIn groups, post your videos there too.

Help please!

Confused about Channels? Worried about writing? Give us a call and we'll help you get your video into YouTube and set up for search engine success.

You'll find all our videos at akirastudioltd 

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