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Video for your business: informal not epic

Video on websites isn't anything new, but thanks to the new generation of smart phones and faster Internet connections, you can now view videos almost anywhere, anytime.

This provides your business with an ideal opportunity to sell your products or services in a different way to either static images or text, without the complex and data-hungry solutions of the past.

 Easy video, anytime

What's more, taking video is easier than ever before. Most modern phones and mobile devices have superb cameras more than capable of taking excellent video footage, giving you the power to capture moments in your business as they happen or out in the field. It's quick, easy and simple to do.

Keep it simple

This is the key to most business videos; keep it simple. You don't need a fancy film studio or expensive lighting, just a smart phone and something to film which customers will find interesting. Most clients will not expect a fancy video, and research suggests that customers actually prefer a more informal style as it makes them feel closer to the business than a full-blown mega epic video.

Use video for better SEO

There is also a very definite business advantage of having video on your website; search engines love video. Host a video on your website, and it can be indexed by the search engines (we'll help you make that bit happen) and appear in the search engine results.

What can I film?

An event or process that is everyday to you is often interesting and engaging to your prospective customers. Say a cleaning company is offering a new oven cleaning service. They create a new oven cleaning page on their website, and put around 150 words of text on it to attract the search engine's interest. They then add a video of a successful oven clean either in time lapse or as an edited 2-minute video, that shows lots of ‘before’ shots of horrible grease and grime, and ‘after’ shots of the sparkling clean results.

This footage can then be edited with a upbeat soundtrack either on the mobile device or a desktop PC, and hey presto, a graphic illustration of how effective, efficient and amazing their oven cleaning is for customers who prefer to watch a video than read text, at virtually zero cost.

Short and sweet

Each video should be short and sweet, around two minutes and certainly no longer than five, and firmly focused on one aspect of your business. We don't need to see the whole kitchen being cleaned, just the oven, for example.

Where to host your video

You don't need to host the video on your website either - YouTube works well as a standalone video site too. A popular YouTube format is the "How to" video, and it can yield great results for brand awareness. For example, Akira copywriter Kirsty recently had to change the gas lift on her office chair (yes, it's that exciting here at Akira!). The manufacturer's written instructions were OK, but really gave no idea of the levels of force that she needed to employ. (One person's gentle tap is another's hearty thwack, after all.)

Instead, she found a 'how to' video on a competitor's website, which showed exactly how much force to apply, and even which type of hammer to use. More interestingly, she found the video by searching "Replace gas lift office chair" in Google. What came up was the YouTube video link, which is separate to the website. The company even advertises using their YouTube 'how to' video - guess which company Kirsty will buy her next gas lift replacement from…

And if you get really into these short, informal videos, who knows, you might have a cult series on your hands! Catering blenders may not seem the most exciting of products, but when Blendtec started sticking really odd things into their blenders and filming the results in a video series called "Will it blend?", it became a worldwide hit. Here's an example for all technophobes, as watched by almost 2.8 million people.


At Akira Studio, we can guide you through the best ways to put your video on your website and/or on YouTube, including those all important SEO tags. It's so straightforward that once you've done it once, you'll be able to post video whenever you like. Remember you can also post videos to your Company Facebook page, and 'trail' them in your tweets.

So, start looking around for filming opportunities that will inform, educate and amuse - and not necessarily in that order!

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