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Web hosting: the importance of good neighbours

Web hosting: the importance of good neighbours

As anyone buying a new home knows, having good neighbours is very important. However, most businesses don't even consider the problems of having neighbours when it comes to finding a home for their websites.


How web hosting works

When you host a website, you are putting your website files or just a very small section of a very large server which also holds lots of other websites’ files. The server is simply a smart hard disk that acts as storage for all the website files, and enables people to see them when they surf to your website address. There are lots of free hosting services out there, and there are paid for hosting services such as that offered by Akira Studio.

Free web hosting and bad neighbours

The problem is, when you host your website with a free service or (all too often) with a paid service, you don't know who your website neighbours are. There can be hundreds of websites on the same IP address (server address) as you, and if they are in any way problematic or unsavoury, their mere presence on the server can affect your website's reputation with the search engines. It's a bit like moving into your dream home and discovering that you have the neighbours from hell, and short of moving out, there is very little you can do about it.

At Akira Studio, we do things differently. We have whole servers that are ours and ours alone. We always know exactly what websites are on our servers and, needless to say, we don't allow any disreputable sites on our servers. So when you host your website with Akira, you can be confident that you have extremely nice website neighbours and that their business activities won't affect yours except in a good way.

Home country hosting

And there's more. Many hosting companies do not actually host your website in your home country. They may use servers on the other side of the world to host your website, and you won't even know. This has ramifications not just for the reliability of your website but also for the security of your data, as some countries do not have the same stringent data protection laws we enjoy in Canada and the UK.

At Akira, we only host websites in your home country, so we have servers in Canada, the USA, and the UK. We also have high levels of security, and as you may have noticed, if you want to change any files stored on your server directly, you have to sign in twice. This level of security is above and beyond what most companies offer, and ensures your data is as secure as possible.

Tech support from Tony and the team

At Akira, we also do all the tech support ourselves. When you call, you'll get one of us, not some stranger in some foreign clime with a strong accent you can't understand (apart from Tony's British accent of course!) So if you have a problem, you know the person dealing with it is a person who cares passionately about the security and reliability of your website as much as you do.

And talking of reliability, our servers offer incredible levels of reliability and minimal downtime. Yes, occasionally, things do go wrong due to power cuts or floods or similar, but thanks to our rigorous backup systems, chances are you won't even notice and your website will only be off-line for a matter of seconds per year.

If that sounds the kind of web hosting you'd like for your website, even if it wasn't built by Akira, give us a call. We're happy to help.

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