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How can the colour (or color) of a website button affect how people click on it?

Buy NowEvery website has buttons, those coloured enticements to "Buy Now" or "Sign Up" or even just "Read More…"

And even though we may not realize it, the colour of these buttons can strongly influence whether we click on them – or not.


We are all subconsciously influenced by colour in any design, be it printed or online. Our language is filled with phrases associating colour with mood, such as 'feeling blue', or 'in the pink'. In some cases, the colour of typography has seeped into language too, such as "red letter days", or our bank accounts being "in the black". 

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Even with years of graphic design training behind us, the team here at Akira found this graphic from Next Day Flyers fascinating.

It's one of the best we've seen in illustrating how we link typeface, button and logo colours with emotions such as "passion, concepts such as "trust" and situations such as "outside".

It's fascinating to think that a Ferrari logo in yellow may convey more cheerfulness that power, but then again, if you own a Ferrari, you've every reason to be cheerful!

Whilst many of us would agree that green conveys a strong environmental message, it is equally associated with security.

And while purple has been associated with wealth and power for millennia, it's interesting to see it used by brands such as Yahoo!

At Akira, we work with you to create logos and websites colours that will convey the right message to your customers, and also look great on screen, in print, or as a ten-foot high sign.

We'll also ensure that every website has good 'readability', so that the design and colour scheme keeps your message and information clear, and easy to read whether on mobiles, tablets or desktop PCs.

Call us for more details.

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