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Why our clients choose Akira Studio

business choiceLast month, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau addressed a conference in the US touting the excellence of Canadian developments in AI (artificial intelligence).

It’s not the first time either; as Canadian Business website said;

“Trudeau has become a kind of marketer-in-chief for Canada’s tech economy ambitions… He said that Canada is making a “deliberate choice,” but not an easy choice, to embrace change at a time when new technology is disrupting workplaces and leading to anxiety and fear about the future.”

Many of our clients are also making a “deliberate choice” to embrace the changes they need to make to update and improve their online presence.

And we’re delighted that they want to make their changes with Akira Studio, whether as a new customer or a long-standing one.

Why clients love Akira Studio

When we asked our clients for the reasons they chose to use Akira Studio, we were please to see that their reasons reflected our own business values of good design, transparency, value for money, and good old fashioned customer service!

1. Good value websites

At Akira, we want to create well-designed, high quality, fully functional websites that ‘do the business’ for our clients. We don’t build overfancy, bespoke coded, nobody-can-change-it-but-us, whizz-bang sites that are all flash and no function. Our websites are built in Wordpress, ensuring everything we create can grow with your business, and you can change it yourself if you want to, anytime. Then, we price that website to be affordable to your business, so you can move forward with confidence, and without a big hole in your budget.

2. Great design

Great design comes from us understanding what you, the client, want from your website. That’s why we talk through the aims, goals, content and user profile for every website in detail before we even *think* about what it might look like. Actually, we say “we”, but it’s going to be our founder and President Tony Scott you’ll be talking to first time around. He’ll also be available on the phone when you call, and will reply to your emails. Tony designs most of our websites, and those he doesn’t design in person, he supervises closely!

3. A close-knit team

This is a biggie for us. As you’ve just read, the person you meet to discuss your website will usually be the person designing it. This level of involvement is something you simply can’t get from a busy London creative agency. In most agencies, you meet the sales team, who hand you over to the creative team, who take a brief, which ends up with a designer who has never met you and doesn’t really know what you and your business want, like or need to achieve. And you won’t usually be able to talk to them directly either. 

At Akira, you’ll know who is responsible for what part of your website project from the start. Usually, that’ll be just two people; the designer (Tony) and the copywriter (Kirsty). That’s it. So, you know anything to do with words is Kirsty’s area, and pretty much everything else is Tony!

4. Customer service

Once your website is complete, our customer service starts in earnest. Most clients choose to host their website with us because we take care of everything. Our combined monthly hosting and support plan includes: 

  • multiple email account setup
  • website hosting
  • free content updates throughout the year (does not include new functionality) 
  • software updates
  • website support
  • social network support (e.g. Facebook & Twitter basic training / updates)
  • online access to your website dashboard (“back end”)

We even take care of backing up your website!

If there is a problem or you want to add anything to your website, you simply call us. Tony or one of the team will pick up the phone, not some foreign call centre or (worse) email-only support system. We’ll sort out any issues, and add any new pages or text you require, so you can relax and get on with running your business.

5. Emails, domains social media and more

As you might have noticed, our monthly hosting plan includes multiple email account setup. So, we can look after your email and domain names too. This has one major advantage; you only call one person when there is an issue. No more trying to remember who the domain name is registered with, or who to call when the emails stop arriving due to an over-enthusiastic spam filter, for example. 

We can look after:

  • Your domain name. We pay the domain registration fees every year so you won’t lose your domain name, or have it expire unexpectedly.
  • Your email. We ‘host’ it at our servers, and use our robust system to manage it. All you need to do is collect is via your normal mail program or on your mobile. If you want to add an account, delete an account, ot alter settings, you can do so online or call us to do it for you.
  • Your social media. Our team of social media elves based in the UK can write your blogs/articles and post fascinating stuff to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+, etc, on your behalf. Ask us for details.
  • Your cats. Well, actually, no, but we do like cats a lot…

For more details, give us a call or check out the rest of this website. And yes, it’s due for an overhaul but we’d prefer to do yours first!


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