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Why hire a London web designer

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If you’re like us, you’re getting emails from web designers advertising their services at least once a week. (Yes, they even email us!) So, with so many web design companies out there, how can you choose one that’s right for you?

Our advice is to look locally for a web designer in London Ontario. This might seem counter-intuitive, but there are three very good reasons to use a London-based web design company like Akira Studio rather than one in Toronto or out of state (or country).



Why choose a London web design company?

1. Locally based web designers can meet you face to face

In these days of email and Skype, you may not think this is important. It is, especially if you are a small business or in a niche market. At Akira, we reckon that one hour spent face to face with a client is worth 3 hours of emails and phone chats. When we meet, we get a feel for you, your business, your markets and your goals. You get a feel for our style, our way of working, our trustworthiness. Face to face briefings save time, confusion and misunderstandings, which in turn ensures our draft designs often hit the mark first time. We’re your local London web design team, and we’re happy to travel out to see you wherever you are based.

2. Local designers understand the local business scene

If you’re a local business (and more than half of our clients are), you’ll know the importance of understanding local customers’ needs. So do we. We live in homes your construction company may have built, drive the same routes as your car detailing clients, need the local services you want to promote, and probably drink in your bar or work out at your gym! It’s this local knowledge, plus our involvement in the local community, that ensures your website design looks and feels right to London-area consumers and clients.

3. Local web designers are cheaper

Yes, we have to say it, London web designers are often considerably cheaper than their big city rivals. We don’t have to pay for trendy, shiny downtown offices, or fund expensive commutes into the GTA. When your web designer is local to your business, it costs you less to visit their offices too. As London-based graphic designers, we also know and work with local businesses such as printers, who can produce world-class results at local prices. It all adds up to a better, more personal level of service for less dollars.

Local company, international experience

Having said all that, one of the reasons local clients choose Akira Studio is because of our national and international portfolio. We have a strong client base across Canada as well as in the UK and USA. We also have team members based in Europe.

This gives us an international perspective that few Ontario web designers, let alone London web designers, can match. In turn, this perspective ensures we build to the latest international standards, and design in the latest styles and formats. Working across the globe ensures we’re at the leading edge of designing responsive sites for mobile devices, crucial to success in our increasingly on-the-move society.

Call us and go local

If Akira Studio sounds the kind of London web design company you’d like to work with, give us a call. You’re welcome to pop into our downtown London offices, or we’ll come and see you at your business. We’ll listen to what you want, help you choose the best option, and build it so it works first time every time. We’ll also host your website, design you a new logo, and look after your social media, if you wish.

Akira Studio; local company, international expertise.   

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