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Why NOW is the perfect time to update your website

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Websites are like flared jeans; what was once totally on-trend is now retro, and not in a good way.

If your website design is more than five years old, it will be showing its age in more ways than just its design. Technology moves on relentlessly, and with that come new expectations from your clients and customers about what your website should be able to do.

Like it or not, your website is in constant comparison with every other website your clients visit, or your customers purchase from, from Amazon to Zoopla.

So, if your website doesn’t look good on mobile devices, or the e-commerce solution process is slow, it’s time to give it a much-needed update.


Website updates: refresh v. redesign

Many clients ask if we can simply ‘refresh’ their existing website with some new text and pictures. Of course, we can (and we do), but a refresh won’t help solve the discrepancy between what website users want to see and what your technology can provide.

  • A website refresh is the equivalent of respraying your old car; it may look good but the transmission is still dodgy and the brakes will need replacing very shortly.
  • A website redesign is actually a whole new car, with all the latest technology in place, no outdated parts, ready to head off down the information highway.

Yes, you can use your old photos and text and design elements in your upgraded website, but that’s like putting your old leather car seats into your new shiny car. Comfortable and familiar they may be, but do they actually match the new car’s styling and enhance its looks?



Welcome to WordPress

At Akira Studio, a redesign involves rebuilding your website in a totally different platform, Wordpress. This is the ‘backend’ system that makes your website happen. We love Wordpress because it enables us to create stylish, functional and engaging websites that meet the needs of your business and promotes your products or services, whatever marketplace you are in.

With a smart contemporary design, freshly written website text that gives your business a clear voice, and new images that sell the dream (or at least your product!), with a WordPress site you’re good to go for another 5+ years.


Plug-in for success

The secret to the flexibility of WordPress are plug-ins. These are little apps that integrate seamlessly with WordPress to provide a massive range of functionality, from simple to customize forms to fully-functional e-commerce integration. All Akira websites come pre-loaded with our hand-picked selection of WP plug-ins as standard. These can be updated as required, ensuring every Akira Studio website is efficient, effective and completely mobile-compatible.


Responsive web design

Yes, we know we keep talking about this, but it’s important! If your organisation’s website isn’t pleasant to look at on a mobile phone or tablet, you will be seriously missing out. Recent figures show that at least 60% of your website traffic comes from mobile devices. Your website must be mobile friendly and adapt itself to look fabulous on any device or screen size, (that’s what responsive means), so your customers can read it anywhere, anytime, on any device.


Online shopping: better with WordPress

If you sell products online, a new website in WordPress will make the experience so much more pleasant for everyone - you, your customers, and your bookkeeper! WordPress e-commerce solutions are easy to use, simple to update and much more adaptable than legacy ‘fixed’ solutions, where changing a single field involved major coding. Now, as the saying goes, “there’s an app for that”, or at least, a suitable WordPress plug-in.

Don’t just think that online shopping is just done in the home either. According to a recent survey (1), Canadians with smart phones use them extensively whilst they are out shopping in 'bricks and mortar' stores.

  • 73% read product descriptions
  • 71% compare prices
  • 71% read reviews
  • 68% search for a specific product or similar alternatives

So, if your e-commerce solution doesn’t work on mobiles, you’ll miss out even if your products are cheaper than in the local store.


Time for a new WP website!

Whatever your business or organisation, call us to discuss your requirements. We’ve created WordPress websites for literally every size of business, and we can host them here too.

At Akira Studio, we don’t just build your website and wave goodbye. We’ll train you how to use your WordPress backend system, so you can go in and update your website anytime, yourself, without worry. With WordPress, it’s easy to change text, update photos, add videos, post blogs, load products, and much more, all from a single dashboard.



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