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E-commerce: is it right for your business?

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As Ontario reopens under Stage 2, many business owners will be giving a huge sigh of relief and opening their doors to customers again. When that first customers pays in person, it may be the first sale they have made in months.

For other businesses, it’s a start of a new era where their bricks and mortar business runs alongside their new online e-commerce business. That online business may have been created out of necessity during lockdown, but it’s now very much part of what they do. It’s also made their business stronger, and better equipped to serve customers in the future.

If you’ve been thinking of setting up online, or only managed to do the basics such as click and collect ordering during lockdown, now is the perfect time to set up a fully functioning e-commerce store.


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How to get the government to pay for your agriculture e-commerce website


Want to get your agriculture business online? Here’s how to get the government to pay for your website!

As many agricultural businesses have realized in the current COVID-19 situation, there are major advantages of being able to sell products and services direct via an e-commerce website. For many smaller producers in our area of Ontario, it’s made the difference between staying in business or going under.

The good new is that the Governments of Canada and Ontario have realised this too, and are supporting agriculture, agri-food and agri-products with e-business opportunities. The aim is to help businesses and organizations quickly expand their produce and products into new markets that are eager to buy online.

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Selling pens to search engines: why quality SEO copy is essential for e-commerce sites

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At Akira, we build a lot of e-commerce websites, and we're always keen to discover new and better ways to help online store owners improve their site's visibility in the search engine results.

Nine times out of ten, this boils down to the need for well-written text that people and search engines want to read, and more importantly, converts a reader into a buyer.

The majority of our e-store owners don't actually make the products they sell. They are retailers selling well-known brands, and offer a whole catalogue of products to choose from.

The manufacturers provide pre-written descriptions and photos, so the temptation is just to copy and paste in the standard description, sit back, and wait for the orders to roll in.

Which they won't, for one simple reason...


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Lessons from Black Friday; your ecommerce website must not crash!

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Black Friday may not be the big deal it is in the US, but Canadians do love a bargain as much as the next shopper!

So, while the Toronto Star* reported that most shopping malls were “politely busy", possibly due to deals starting earlier in the week, the same could not be said of some online stores….


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Shop until you drop: business benefits of an e commerce store

shopping online bag greenOver the past few months we've been helping several clients sell their goods and services online for the first time.

We’ve created an e-commerce website for products and services as diverse as testing grips, limo hire, homeopathic pet supplies and street lighting keys.

So, what are the business benefits of an online e-store?


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