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5 ways to make your business cards stand out

hand holding business cardThe humble business card. They've been around for centuries, have survived the technical revolution, and are still an essential part of defining our business identity.

You've probably got a boxful sitting on your desk right now - and a drawerful of ones you've collected from meetings, networking events, etc.

They are probably the pick of the crop too; otherwise they would probably be in the trash long ago.

So how can you ensure your business card is a keeper?


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Big web stats – and why we don’t need to panic

world statsWebWe all know that the web is a big place, but sometimes it's easy to forget just how big it is. Which is why when we saw an infographic with these stats, we had to sit down for a while.

In every minute of every day:

• Facebook users share almost 2.5 million items of content

• People tweet 277,000 times

• Over 4 million searches are made on Google

• YouTube uploads 72 hours of new video

• 204 million emails are sent.

That's every MINUTE. So, how on earth can we make an impact with our tweet or Facebook post or new blog?


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Logos designed for Pam Mundy and Sue Egersdorff!

Logos designed for Pam Mundy and Sue Egersdorff!

A great start with new logos designed for Pam and Sue from Associates Ltd.  We expect to see them making a big impact with a new look!

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Delta Boats Logo Re-design by Akira Studio Ltd.

Akira Studio Ltd. proud to announce the new Delta Boats logo that has just been completed.  The logo suits the business perfectly and looks great!  This is definitely one for our portfolio!

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