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Pokemon Go; gotta catch those little data eaters

pokemon go single screenIf ever business owners needed proof that the next generation of Canadians love their smart phones, Pokemon Go is it.

The hugely popular game has seen adults and kids alike take to the streets to hunt down virtual characters - and use up vast chunks of data allowances in the process.

In case you haven't a clue what Pokemon Go is, it's an augmented reality game.

Players hunt down characters from the popular Pokemon series in the real world using an app on their mobile phone. The app guides players to the location of over 150 types of Pokemon creatures which are roaming wild in their neighbourhood.

And the app is eating into your mobile phone battery power and monthly data allowance every second of the hunt...



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Mckenzie Homes goes mobile!

McKenzie Homes is now mobile friendly, with an HTML 5 app that works on all mobile devices!  See what McKenzie homes has to offer on the go!  http://www.mckenziehomes.ca/


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Akira Studio has a new mobile app!

The NEW Akira Studio mobile app is now live! Just visit http://www.akirastudio.com/ from your mobile touch screen device and add us to your home screen.


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