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Dipping into the 5 top consumer trends for 2016

crisps and dipsAs a small business owner, it’s sometimes hard to keep up with the latest trends and fashions, let alone look ahead to what might be hot next year.

Which is precisely why we like Trendwatching* so much.

While the company provide very detailed (and very expensive) reports for global brands on predicted trends in consumer behaviour, they also let us smaller businesses in on the major trends for the year ahead. 

These parent mega-trends (their words, not ours!) are not a ‘must do’ for smaller businesses, but they do give an idea of what the big name brands might be aiming for...


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Canada, a great place to live - and work

Key Findings Canada Land of the Free

The Legatum Institute has just released the latest findings from its 2015 Prosperity Index. The headline news is that Canada is now the freest country in the world, up five places from last year to claim the top spot in the Personal Freedom index.

94% of Canadians believe that living here gives them the freedom to choose the course of their own lives. Canadians are also highly tolerant lot; 92% of Canadians think Canada is a good country for immigrants and ethnic communities alike.

And there’s more to celebrate too…


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Toronto International track and field games

Akira Studio wish the Klean Athlete Team every success exhibiting at the Toronto International Track + Field Games for their Klean Athlete Product.

Klean Athlete is coming to Toronto tomorrow for the Toronto International Track & Field Games! With over 40 Olympians in attendance it will be a real show, especially with KleanTeam superstar Kate Van Buskirk competing in the Klean Athlete 1500 m.



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Akira Studio at the Districtly Business Event in London ON

Akira Studio Ltd attended the Districtly Business show in London yesterday, both Tony Scott and Andrew Temple were there to participate in the event with a display set up to allow the people to stop, look and ask any questions about our continually growing and successful international business.  

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The town of Ingersoll

A nice article on one of our latest projects for the Town of Ingersoll: http://www.lfpress.com/2013/05/29/builders-town-officials-team-up-to-spread-the-word-about-ingersoll

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