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Why our new websites are doing the business for clients across Canada (and beyond)

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At Akira Studio, we've built websites for almost every type of business, from small local companies to major organisations in Canada, the US, the UK and Europe.

Here are just some of our latest projects that show our versatility and straightforward, professional approach to web design.

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User intent and rich snippets: top takeaways from BrightonSEO

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Our SEO guru Kirsty attended the world’s largest gathering of search marketers in Brighton UK, to learn about the latest trends and research into all things SEO.


As always it was a packed day with four sessions, each with three info-packed presentations.


What always interests us are the overarching themes and concerns that emerge from all these talks.


Read on to find out what we discovered....


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Are you a goldfish? The 6 second attention span

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How long can you pay attention to something? 

Research suggests that our attention span is increasingly getting shorter.

The much-touted goldfish attention span is said to be about 9 seconds. Our human attention span, some suggest, has dropped to a mere six seconds.

But is this really the case?

Are we all fish in a bowl when it comes to reading content or engaging with video content?

No, we’re not. Read on to find out why….

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Six quick wins to boost your business website while you wait

coffee mug laptopAt Akira, we are website people. We build them, revamp them, optimise them, write them, upgrade them and host them.

And that takes time.

When you first come to us, we know you’re all fired up and ready to go. You want everything to go full steam ahead, so you can get the job done and start reaping the rewards of your new/optimised/redesigned website.

However, quality web design and website creation takes time, as does in-depth keyword research, and writing high quality, effective and SEO-savvy website content.

Equally, it also takes you time to collate, read, check, amend, approve and sign off all the elements of your website we’ve created for you.

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LinkedIn: why your business needs to be in it to win it

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LinkedIn is the grande dame of social networks, launched waaaay back in 2003 as a platform for posting cvs and looking for jobs.

Often lagging behind more technologically advanced platforms such as Facebook, it is now really coming into its own. This is in part due to the very simplicity that made it look dated just a few years back.

At its heart, LinkedIn is indeed a simple beast. It’s an easy way to connect with business folk. Searches are quick, easy and so long as you’re not trying to find a John Smith, you’ll find the person you’re looking for pretty quickly.

You can also see contacts people you know have connected with, and expand your own network that way too.

And that’s the whole point of LinkedIn for business - finding people and making business connections.



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