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Domain names: who pays for yours?


domain names wide

Your company domain name is one of the most valuable digital assets your company has.

It defines your online identity in terms of your website address and your email accounts.

But miss your domain name renewal payment and your domain name will stop working - and so will your website and your email...


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Slow change: how the new Facebook changes will affect your Company Page

facebook endless screens

Last Thursday evening, Facebook’s founder Mark Zuckerberg announced major changes to the News Feed that would improve users’ ‘wellbeing’, and would be “helping you have more meaningful social interactions.”

So, what does that actually mean in practice for your business and its presence on Facebook? 

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Five top takeaways from brightonSEO

google home coloursOur copywriter and SEO guru Kirsty spent a packed day by the seaside just before Easter, discovering the latest developments in SEO, search and other things web-geeky! 

brightonSEO is a conference that brings together the brightest sparks in online marketing and SEO in quick-fire 20 minute presentations. It's fast, fascinating and in some cases, flabbergasting! 

Here are her top takeaway tips, and how you can apply them to your website or social media to make them work just that little bit harder.


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Online stores: promote them just like a printed brochure

shopping online bagWThinking of getting an online shop to sell your goods direct to eager buyers across the country?


Have you devised a marketing plan to promote your online e-store by identifying and contacting prospective customers?

Sort of?

And is that plan for a one-off mega push or a sustained campaign over several weeks?


An online store is at its heart a sales brochure, albeit a very clever one that has instant buying options built in.

So, you need to promote it like a good old fashioned full colour ‘hold it in your hand’ printed sales brochure, to ensure your online e-shop is the success you and your business want it to be.


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How to get your business recommended in Facebook


facebook recommendation 930x668If you’re a member of a Facebook group for your local area, you will have noticed strange maps popping up every time someone posts and asks for a recommendation.

Kirsty our UK-based SEO guru and copywriter explores the wonderful world of Facebook Recommendations.

What she found might surprise you, as Facebook recommendations  don’t necessarily work the way you’d expect them to…


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