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Making the most of your Google + page

Making the most of your Google + page

You've claimed your Google+ (G+) page for your business, and now it's time to make it work better for your and your customers. (If you're lost already and need a refresh on Google pages, see our previous blog xxx). It will probably look like this:

At the bottom of the image, you'll find five tabs: About, Posts, Photos, Video and Reviews. Here's how to deal with each of them.


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The printed flyer is dead - long live the flyer!

It's very easy in these days of emails and websites to overlook the fact that traditional marketing materials are very much alive and kicking. Despite the existence of digital alternatives, we still love our business cards, brochures and flyers, and with good reason. There is something very satisfying about holding information in your hands - as long as it's good quality of course.

The traditional handbill or flyer is no exception. What makes a flyer memorable isn't just the message, it's the design and print quality too. The better the design, the more likely the message is to be read, ad the flyer to be kept. The higher quality the flyer, the more it will keep its appeal over time, and less likely to be consigned to the recycling bin.


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Making the most of Facebook - for free

Like it or loathe it, Facebook is very much part of the social media scene. You might use, it, your kids might use it, even your Mom or your granny might use it, but should your business use it?

The answer is a definite yes, simply because so many people use Facebook that a portion of them are bound to be your target age range and demographic. Facebook is not the sole territory of the young anymore; it's remarkably democratic in its scope, and with 1.23 billion users worldwide, it's also big. Very big.

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Selling online the easy way!

If you have products you can mail or deliver to customers, you have an e-commerce business just waiting to open!

Selling online is an ideal way to:

  • Broaden your customer base without the need for more stores
  • Build invaluable data on customers’ buying habits
  • Extend your reach and sell beyond your local area
  • Be open for business 24/7/365


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New MLS service for realtors and real estate professionals coming soon

New MLS service for realtors and real estate professionals coming soon

In our quest to provide future-proof websites for our clients, we're always being challenged to find new solutions and better ways to present information. And sometimes, that leads us to some very exciting new discoveries!

We've been building websites for homebuilders and realtors in Ontario for several years now, but one problem always rears its head - integration of MLS listings.

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