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How many online searches? Some Internet stats that surprised us

earth internet

We all know that the internet is vast, huge, enormous, and that any website is just one little tiny speck in the online universe.


Yet still these stats on internet use and searches are pretty mind-boggling, and can be a bit scary.


So, we’ve taken some of the most eye-popping and actually drilled down into what they mean for your business website.

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A game of tag: why meta tags are vital for SEO

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Your website’s success in appearing in relevant search results is basically down to two things:

• The visible content on your website - i.e. the text real people read

• The ‘under the bonnet’ hidden technical stuff - i.e. the stuff nobody reads

Meta tags sit somewhere in the middle - sometimes seen, sometimes not - which is why it’s so important to get them right.

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Social media strategies: five 5-minute tips for more effective posts

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Social media for business is a highly effective way of reaching people interested in your goods and services both locally and nationally.

That said, social media for business needs a clear strategy, a supply of quality content and someone with the time to manage it all.

This is where many smaller businesses like yours might struggle - finding the time to “do” social media.

So, here are our five top tips to help you make the most of your social media, with each tip taking just five minutes to complete.

Fill up that coffee mug, grab a cookie, and let’s make this happen!


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Facebook Ads v. Google Ads: what’s in a name

marketing strategy

Google is rebranding its PPC advertising platform Google Adwords as… Google Ads.

So far, so good.

However, dig a little deeper and it’s actually a rebrand of three Google advertising brands, which admittedly is less confusing than the current set-up.

So, what does the rebrand involve and will it affect your choice of whether to advertise using Google or Facebook, or both, or neither!


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Why our clients choose Akira Studio

business choiceLast month, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau addressed a conference in the US touting the excellence of Canadian developments in AI (artificial intelligence).

It’s not the first time either; as Canadian Business website said;

“Trudeau has become a kind of marketer-in-chief for Canada’s tech economy ambitions… He said that Canada is making a “deliberate choice,” but not an easy choice, to embrace change at a time when new technology is disrupting workplaces and leading to anxiety and fear about the future.”

Many of our clients are also making a “deliberate choice” to embrace the changes they need to make to update and improve their online presence.

And we’re delighted that they want to make their changes with Akira Studio, whether as a new customer or a long-standing one.

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