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The NEW McClays / Oxford Enterprises cell phone app is now live.

Just visit www.mcclays.ca from your touch screen device and follow the instructions to install to your home screen.

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New New McClays Transportation Group website goes live!


Back when Akira Studio went international 2 years ago the McClays website was the first website we built here in Canada. This has just been totally re-designed and re-built using the very latest web technologies. All of companies hosting has also been moved over to Akira Studio including email. The phase 2 launch will be early November with the cell phone app going live.

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Blue-Con goes live!

Our latest project for the London based heavy construction company Blue-Con is now live at http://www.bluecon.on.ca/. Blue-Con approached Akira Studio to design and build a new website reflecting where their company is today.

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Our latest Financial customer website goes live!

Jonathan Kestle from Ian C. Moyer Insurance Agency Inc. contacted us to design and develop a new website to reflect where their business is today. This have been a very interesting project and one we have integrated many new features into. The website can be found at: http://www.ianmoyer.com/

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100 Monkeys goes live!!

Our latest social based website has just gone live covering a verity of positive topics. Brette Hamilton approached Akira Studio with a vision for her social website which we then set about building with some of the latest social technologies at our disposal. Why not pay them a visit at http://www.100monkeys.ca/

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